Thursday, January 14, 2016

some thoughts from a 33 week pregnant lady

33 weeks today, and feelin' it.
it's just getting to that uncomfortable point...
can't breath because i feel like she's always kicking my diaphram....
have to pee every two seconds because it hurts when she pushes on my bladder....
oh, and all the sudden i can't do milk or ice cream??? what's that about? i mean..milk and ice cream made me nauseous with grant, but it was for the WHOLE pregnancy. this just started the other day so.....that's odd. and disappointing since most of my diet consisted of cereal and ben n jerry's. that's healthy right??

as of right now i believe i've gained around 9-10 lbs. which is about what happened with grant...i didn't gain hardly any weight until the last few weeks and i ended up gaining a total of 25 ish. so i guess with this one i expect about the same. 

also...i went in a few weeks ago for my 30 week ultrasound to check on that placenta of mine. baby girl had her head waaaaaaay down in my pelvis (makes sense cause i'm always feeling an uncomfortable amount of pressure down there on my bladder) so it was hard to tell but from what they could see, it looks as though the placenta is still out of the way and we are good to go! so that's a relief. hair has been SUCKING lately. i don't know if it's cause of the baby or what but it won't hold curl! and my hair has previously been notorious for going a solid 2 even 3 days with the same curls and looking great.... i don't know if it's cause i haven't colored it in over a year (this hasn't happened since like 7th grade), and so now it's too healthy? if you know what i mean? i mean i need a little damage to keep my curls, people. so i'm tempted to cut and color it just to see. hah. also..i think i'm over the bangs. i like them, but i know when baby comes i'm not gonna wanna do my hair every day and bangs are just one of those high maintenance things. so i think i'll start growing out a side swoop. in case you wanted to know ;)

lets get back to this baby that's coming in t-7 ish weeks. (we are secretly hoping for a leap day baby...i think that would be so fun....3 days early is all i'm asking for here, people). so i kind of forgot what i need for a newborn???? i've bought some clothes and i'm dying over how little and cute they are. i forget how tiny newborns are. it blows my mind. but the other day i was looking at a friends baby registry for her baby shower and she had breast pads on there and i was like OH MY HECK! BREAST PADS! how did i forget about this?? so i need to make a list of some things i need before little miss reece arrives. if you have any reminders, send them my way :)

i had a freak out moment the other day about giving birth again....just for a second. i had a little cramping in my tummy and all the sudden it just hit me, i have to give birth again....and i kinda freaked out inside a little. norman must've caught on cause he then asked "dude, are you scared to go through labor again??" and i was like funny you ask that because YES...i am. i mean...i'm excited, cause it's actually quite a rush...but just thinking about all those little details about labor again makes me excited. hah. i'm just hoping all goes smoothly. that's always my biggest worry...just hoping nothing goes wrong, or being able to handle it if it does. 

anyway....there's some random thoughts from a 33 week pregnant lady. the end.

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