Friday, February 19, 2016

about my almost 2 year old......

so before this little girl makes her debut and takes up ALLLLL the attention, i wanted to write a quick post about my almost 2 year old.

in ONE month i will have a 2 year old. and i may be biased but he's kind of the best, funniest, chillest, most helpful and cute almost two year old i've ever seen. but i did make him, myself so......that could have something to do with my feelings about the whole situation.

grant is at SUCH a fun age right now. and i know the so-called "terrible two's" are coming.... and i don't doubt that they are but right now i am soaking in this fun, pre-terrible two's stage. cause it's kind of the best.

he tries to say a lot more these days and i love it. the inflection in his voice is hilarious. he mimics inflection more than he really mimics the actual word. i know every parent probably says this, and so i'm just going to join the crowd but i think he is so smart!! he can already recognize almost ALL of his alphabet, and he's starting to recognize numbers. (8 and 9 are his numbers of choice...). he also ALWAYS knows where we are or where we are going. for instance, if we are headed the direction we normally go to church, he will ask me "church??" or if we are passing the apartments that my friend used to live in for ONE semester, mind you, (and we only went over there maybe a handful of times) he will say "mama...raymie???" (which was my friends daughters' name). those are just a few examples....he always knows where we are and where we are headed if we have been there before. and...this may be embarrassing but he can figure out an iPhone like it's his job. i mean...i think most kids these days can work their way around a smart phone but sometimes i'll see him using features or something that i didn't even know were an option???? (......we are trying to limit the phone/ipad usage these days)

he LOVES cars. the movie. which i hate. ok, i don't hate cars, it's just not one of those movies i care to watch over and over again. but he LOVES anything with a loud motor. it is. (every day all day it's "mama...lightening??? ya???") he also loves thomas the train (which i also hate) and has started to love those old mickey mouse cartoons (which i love...lets get back to the classics, people). i tried to get him to watch lion king...but he's not having it. one day.....i hope.
on sunday mornings when norm and i are trying to get ready for church, if he wants to watch something we only let him watch either this new testament cartoon video we have, or prince of egypt. and ever since then he really likes "moses". So occasionally he will say " moses??" and i'm cool with

i promise we don't just sit and watch movies all day.....but i AM 38 1/2 weeks pregnant, and its movie a day isn't terrible.....right?????

he is super helpful and i love it! he loves to help me put stuff away, clean up, etc etc. and what's nice is he always knows exactly where it goes! this morning i was reading my scriptures and knelt down to say my prayers....i had my head buried in the couch as i was kneeling and my scriptures were still sitting on the couch by grant. i heard him climb on the arm of the couch and i looked up to get after him (he usually crawls up either to jump off of the arm onto the couch, or he wants to play with the lamp and turn it off and on) and then i saw that he had grabbed my bible and was putting it back on the shelf where i keep it. i about died....cutest thing ever. he's always doing stuff like that to help me out. lets hope he keeps that up. :)

he feels the need to say goodbye to every person/object in sight when leaving. it's so funny. "bye choo choo (train), bye blankie, bye home, bye moon, bye lightening (as in lightening mcqueen), bye ball" you get the point....just anything in sight that he feels the need to say bye to. it's so cute.

he has the funniest facial expressions and i wish i could explain them on here but they are too hard to write out in words. i need to get some video of them because they make us laugh all the time. he has the goofiest personality.

he is obsessed with ALL of his grandpas (even the great grandpas) and LOVES four wheelers. my dad has one and I'm pretty sure he thinks it's his.....he actually calls four wheelers "papas" ...he has 2 four wheeler toys and both are called "papa" as well as the actual four wheeler at my dads house. we keep telling him no, that's a four wheeler, not grandpa.....but whatever....

we love this little boy of ours so much and i'm excited to see him grow as a little person as he becomes a big brother! this new little addition of ours is going to get a lot of attention and i know it's a challenge for kids to get used to a new member of the family, but i have a feeling he will do great. 

so, how bout we get this baby here, ya????? yeah. lets do that.

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