Sunday, February 21, 2016

38 1/2 weeks! eek! and a birthday.....oh and valentines day, too

so i didn't manage to take any pictures for valentines day OR my birthday but i wanted to document on here what we did anyway before we get to this baby business. (and lets be honest....when you have a baby due in a few weeks....valentine's and birthdays aren't #1 on the mind).

so it was my year to be in charge of valentine's day. i was brainstorming with my sisters what to do for v-day, and we all decided we were going to do 14 days of valentines. for those who don't give a little gift to your spouse every day up until valentines day. i kept it pretty simple this year and did cheap little things that i knew were his favorites and had little sayings to go with them. it was a lot of fun hiding them every day for him to find and he loved it! you know, valentine's day isn't JUST for the ladies....ladies. it's for the guys, too. and i know norman really appreciated the extra and thoughtful effort. since v-day was on a sunday, we went on our date the following day. dinner and a movie. kind of lame, i know, but i'm about to pop out a human, here and we had gift cards to the theater, and restaurant. it is. (by the way...we went to zoolander 2....and it was "meh" case you're wondering).

then came my BIRTHDAY!! or birth week, as i like to celebrate all week long. :) my day of birth was on thursday (the 18th). my parents came up on the 17th to idaho falls cause my dad had a doc appointment, as did i. my mom made me one of my favorite home cooked meals and BTS cake. we ate at my gpas and played cards and enjoyed the day together!

then on my actual birthday, norman set up a scavenger hunt for me to find all my presents while he was at school! it was way fun and clever and it ended with me meeting him up on campus. i picked him up and we went out to lunch as a family. it was the perfect day!!

THEEEEEEEN ( we celebrate all week??? i'm not mad about it) my mother-in-law and 2 sisters-in-law and i all met in idaho falls on saturday and we went and got a pedicure and then went out for lunch!! it was kind of the best ever because when you're about to have a baby, being pampered is like number one......

ok. whew.....this post has the potential to be the longest ever, but i will try to be brief. 
on the other hand...this is my blog...and the things that i want documented soooooooo, screw brief. i do what i want. :)

so i am 38 1/2 weeks people!!!! i'm getting EXTREMELY anxious over here, but trying not to. the other night i was reading my old posts from when i was pregnant with grant and my last pregnancy post that i wrote was at 38 1/2 weeks!!! so i'm hoping there's a pattern and you don't see me back here writing some 40 week pregnant post (please, no).

 i went to the doctor 2 appointments ago (so around 36 1/2 weeks??) and he checked me and i was dilated to a 2 1/2! i was excited! IT WAS BEGINNING!! so then i went in last week and i was at a solid 3. i asked if i was effaced at all and he said "you're still pretty thick, but that's normal" (tmi???). i didn't get excited because this exact thing happened with grant. I was dilated to a 3 at 37 weeks and nothing happened really. i still only had him 3 days before my due date. and then as i was about to leave last week my doctor says "well, i'll see you next week! but i wouldn't be surprised if i saw you sooner." don't fool me. you said the SAME thing with grant....and it didn't had to strip my membranes TWICE for me to finally go into labor even though i was dilated to a 5 and almost all the way effaced soooooo....i didn't let him trick my emotions this time.

and look at us now...a week later for my next appointment and no baby yet, so .... looks like i was right to not get my hopes up. i honestly don't expect much, if any, progress at tomorrow's appointment. i haven't felt ANY contractions. and i just don't see it happening. i'm secretly hoping maybe he will strip my membranes tomorrow though and get something going....i wouldn't be mad about that at all. but again, i learn not to get my hopes too high or i'll go CRAZY. these last few weeks of pregnancy .... lots of things can make you crazy. so lets not add to the problem with false hopes of early labor. 

so i guess that's really all the news in the baby department. other than no, we still don't have a CLUE what we are naming her and it's starting to stress me out. but i DID pack what i could of our hospital bags yesterday, which got me a little excited. and i think i have purchased everything that i felt like i needed to before she came. so....we are ready for you little one!!!! hope to see you soon!

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  1. You look fantastic! You are getting so close. :)