Sunday, October 19, 2014

a little more seattle and some taking stock 09

so remember back in this seattle post where i said we met these reallllly nice people at the seahawks game? like weirdly nice? people in seattle were weirdly nice. any that post i talked about the people who sat behind us in the game and how they got some shots of us and grant and got our email address and said he would send us the pictures. well, he finally did {along with another comment about how cool grant was and how if we are in the area again to look them up....haha. so weird. but so genuine and great}.

anyway, i thought i would share the pictures he took and sent to us! he said that if he found any more as he sifted through he would send them our way.

{also..i know i look pretty cool with my old school bears hat...courtesy of norman. who also told me i looked like a surfer dude with my hat on my backwards and my bleached blonde hair frizzed out from the humidity...thanks, love.} ;)

now for some taking stock:

Making : dinner more often than normal
Cooking : {baking} chocolate chip cookies!
Drinking : lots of V8 splash...we're on a kick lately
Reading: i'm not..all my shows just started back time for reading
Wanting: more will power
Looking: at old videos of grant when he was teeny tiny
Playing: volleyball, lots of it and loving it!
Wasting: precious sleep time by staying up to blog
Sewing:...........i've thought about deleting this but maybe it'll motivate me???? probably not
Wishing: i had a football team i was super passionate about...i want it to be the huskers, cause it's in my blood.....but i need to get into it more....
Enjoying: the weather lately! so beautiful! 
Waiting: for grant to wake up screaming...teething is so fun
Liking: that grant is pretty chill and so far doesn't mind his helmet too much
Wondering: how to get grant to sleep through the night again....
Loving: how goofy my husband and i are....we think we're funny
Hoping: my team can pull off a miracle this week.. 
Marvelling: at people and their selfless service
Needing: more sleep. always.
Smelling: my yummy pumpkin/fall sensty 
Wearing: a t-shirt
Following: others examples
Noticing: my bruised and torn up knees from a good volleyball game
Knowing: that i need to do more for others
Thinking: about the future. as per usual.
Listening: to the trucks and cars on the highway as they pass....we live right by it. but not in an obnoxious way...almost in a soothing way.
Bookmarking: houses...even though we are soooo far from buying one. 
Opening: emails from old friends 
Giggling: at norman's obsession with baja bugs
Feeling: blessed to have such a sweet little family

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