Tuesday, October 14, 2014

the helmet

ahhh the dreaded helmet. the day has come!
they called me a few days ago saying that his helmet had arrived and we were to come in for a fitting to make sure all was well! so today was that day. i already had a volleyball game this evening in idaho falls so we came a little early to pick up his helmet. it ended up fitting really well and only minor adjustments needed made that they did just right there in the doctors office. the doctor said as he put the helmet on grant to adjust some things that he was tolerating it very well from what he was used to. so that's a plus! let's hope we keep that up!

we officially start tomorrow getting him adjusted to the helmet. {i feel like it needs a name...not just "the helmet"} first it's 1 hour on, 1 hour off, then he doesn't sleep with it on at all. then the next day is 2 hours on and 1 off and he doesn't sleep with it. then it's 4 hours on, 1 off and he DOES sleep with it. then it goes up to 8 hours, then to 23 hours. i don't see it being a huge problem. grant is a pretty easy going little fella so i think he will adjust pretty quick. and i know i'm his mom and i always think he's cute, but even with a helmet on...guys....he's still pretty darn cute. 

football player for halloween it is!!
go cornhuskers! :)

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