Monday, October 20, 2014

GC: 7 months

my boy is 7 months old today! next thing i know he's going to be a year old and i'm going to cry about it. i know every mom says this but it seriously is crazy how fast time flies when you have children. it's not ok.

so here's our 7 month update:

as you know, the head situation didn't improve so we are currently wearing a helmet. {although i took it off to take pics, thought i would give him a little break}. he's doing well with it and it doesn't seem to bother him too much.

sleep: we are attempting to sleep train him. get him to go through the night without eating. we just have a few problems. literally NOTHING soothes him but the boob. no-thing. so that makes it hard. we have to do the cry it out thing. we tried it last night a little bit and we got him from going to waking up every 1-2 hours to waking up every 4.'s getting better?? we also moved his bedtime up by a lot. we start our bedtime routine at about 6 o clock now. which includes eating some solids, a bath, or at least washing his hair {his head gets real sweaty in that helmet}, nursing, a book, family prayers, then bed. that has seemed to help a bit. i read in a sleeping habits book to move up the bedtime if they aren't sleeping through the night, so at this point...we're trying everything. 

eating: he still breastfeeds well and we have slowly introduced some more veggies. he has warmed up to oatmeal and will eat that if he's hungry. we tried a mixture of spinach/peas/and some other green veggie and he did not like that. we gave him carrots and he semi-liked those. at least the gagging was down to only a couple times. but yesterday i gave him sweet potatoes and those were a win! i didn't get one gag or sour face from him! so we are going to try some more greens next.

milestones: he got his first tooth! last week he was sleeping exceptionally horrible and the next day {oct 12} during church he started chewing on my finger and i felt that his bottom right tooth had popped through! so that was kind of exciting. we think his other bottom one is coming in soon.
he also sits up very well now with minimal falling. :) he officially leans to people now, it's very cute. no crawling yet but when he lays on your tummy he likes to get up on his knees and rock back and forth. he doesn't really do it while on the ground yet, though. he also doesn't really roll over. i think he just doesn't care to. the other day he did it cause he was sick of being on his stomach, but for the most part he's pretty content where ever he is at.

every time we meet someone new they always ask us "is he always this content?" and the answer is yes...{unless you're trying to get him to go to sleep in the middle of the night}. but he really is. he's such a happy and chill little baby and just enjoys being around people. doesn't ever really need a toy to play with or distract him, even though i obviously give him some to play with anyway. he could just sit there and be perfectly fine. i love that about him.

some things to remember:
you talk back and forth with us in a high pitched voice, it's so funny
you rub your face back and forth quick on my shoulder when you're tired
you learned to clap at my volleyball games and you do it all the time now
when i go to give you a kiss you will grab both sides of my face with you're little hands and it just about makes me melt into a big mama puddle of emotion
speaking of kisses, you are starting to get that concept down and you kind of know how to give them
you help us put your helmet on by throwing your head back into it as you close your eyes in anticipation for it to come on, and you help us take it off by pulling your head forward, it's so cute...seriously...everything you do is cute.

we love you my boy!

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