Monday, November 3, 2014


grant's first halloween! woot woot! i'm not gonna lie....i don't love halloween. and now that i have a kid, i have to do the whole costume thing for....forever. i guess when you're a poor married college student you don't really want to spend extra money on halloween costumes that you wear once. but...maybe one day i'll love it. when i'm rich. ;) {not} nevertheless, we dressed grant up as a nebraska cornhusker football player! he already had a helmet so, it made sense. 

i think it was the monday before halloween, here in rexburg at hemming village they had a little trick or treat thing going on. so norman and i went with our friends. it was fun and my cute friend had the CUTEST costumes for her and her little family. all frozen themed of course. very popular this year. and i was just in love with her new baby boy, kyrie as a little olaf. it was the cutest ever. 

{we of course needed a pic of my dad dad...past cornhusker player....with grant as a mini husker!}

on halloween we drove to pocatello to spend the evening with family. we had chili and cornbread at my moms, took some obligatory pictures and then headed to trick or treat with my sister and her cute kiddos. afterwards we headed to my in-laws to show off our handsome boy, put him to bed, and then went and played games with friends. it was a lot of fun and we stayed out til 1 am! which is crazy for us old people. i felt like a teen again! ;) i get tired around 9:00 these days! so it was quite the feat. 

then we chilled on saturday...i played some volleyball with old friends, and we headed back home to enjoy the extra hour that night of sleep. thank goodness for daylight savings. 

hope everyone else had a great halloween weekend! let the holidays begin!