Wednesday, November 5, 2014

diaries of a football head /// the helmet pt. 2

^^^before helmet^^^
^^^three weeks in^^^

grant had an appointment yesterday to take measurements on his head to see how he was progressing. by the way....i realized that i didn't explain how the helmet works. and i've had a few ask. honestly, before we got it, i thought it just kept him from sleeping on the already flat spot on his head. not so.

here's how it works...grants back right side of his head and left front forehead area {but only slightly on the forehead} was protruding. so they fit the helmet to hold those two ares so those two areas won't grow out any further....then they leave space on the left back area and front right so as his head grows it will fill in those empty spaces. he will then have a perfectly round head!! ta-da! that's the goal anyway. the doc said that he'll be in the helmet until it's fixed, or until his head outgrows the helmet. he said normally they outgrow it before it's 100% fixed but it gets close enough that as they grow up it fixes itself. 

so...yesterday his measurements were good! there's like a zone they have to be in with their numbers and normal is under a 2. he started at a 2.3 and yesterday he measured 1.7! so that was good. but the real number we are working on is his diagonal ratio. or something....i'm pretty sure that's what it's called. he started at a 13 mm difference the very first time we went in and yesterday he was at an 8! the goal is to get to 0. obviously. 

anywho! while we were waiting for the doc to make some adjustments on his helmet, i snapped a couple "after", or i guess "in the process" pictures. compared to the ones we took pre-helmet, it looks really good! his head is getting less oblong-football-y..and more round/square? any who...moral of the story it's looking good! 

and we decided it's weird because grant looks way different without his helmet on now. we are so used to him wearing it all the time.

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