Thursday, December 12, 2013


yesterday was our 3 year anniversary. we didn't do anything special cause well, it's the week before finals, and we're celebrating this weekend. but norman and i both agreed that it felt like we had been married a lot longer than 3 a good way.
but, i decided since i've posted about a lot of great memories in our life thus far like our first kiss.... and the day we got engaged...that it was time to share one of the greatest memories. which was, of course, the actual day of our wedding.

the night before our wedding norman had his bachelor party {which included him attempting the gallon challenge? i think? i dunno...i just know he barfed at his true bachelor fashion} and i had my bachelorette party..which was much more fun than his, i'm sure...because we played stuff like minute to win it wedding style...and i learned some "special tricks" for the wedding night {that sounds a lot worse than it actually was....}. anywho...moral of the story is...both of us got to bed suuuuuper late. and both had to wake up suuuuuper early.

i can't remember the exact time i was married...i think it was 9:30? i just know i had to wake up at 5 am to be ready in time. we were married in the idaho falls lds temple. when dating, norman and i discussed which temple we wanted to get married in...i didn't really want to get married in the IF temple, but i didn't really have a good reason for why i didn't. i didn't even have a reason at all, actually. i didn't have any other temples that i was dying to be married in {i mean...they're all the same anyway right? just different structures}. but norman really wanted to be married in the idaho falls temple. it was his favorite. and to didn't matter which city i was married in or what building, as long as it was a temple ... so i agreed. and am so glad i did. i love the idaho falls temple. i've been to a handful of different temples and the idaho falls is still top on my list. there's just something special about it...and maybe it's because i have that memory of being married there...i don't know...but i'm so glad we chose it.
anyway, i digress....

so that morning, norman and i drove together to the temple. we got there and had to do a few things for the record keeping, and then we went to get ready. the bridal room was beautiful and i had my sweet mom there to help me get ready. then i would meet norman in the hall and we would walk to the celestial room to wait for the sealer {who happened to be norman's grandpa norman. lots of normans :)} i remember sitting there....with lots of layers on ...thinking i was going to pass out....i all the sudden felt so nauseated, dizzy, and hot. it was rather humorous because norman got worried for a second...thinkin i had cold feet. but as soon as we sat down and relaxed it went away. his grandpa came in, gave us some simple instructions and then asked "you sure you want to do this?" in his sarcastic way. and then we headed down to the sealing room.

i remember being most nervous for this part. as loud and social as i am...i don't love being the center of attention...all the time. ;) so walking into a room where everyone is sat down waiting for you and staring at you made me feel uncomfortable. but walk in we did....and it wasn't uncomfortable at all. besides the staring....i just kept winking at everyone cause i didn't know what else to do. i probably looked like a freak. we began and i remember sitting there feeling so overwhelmed with calm and peace and the spirit. i know others must have felt it too because one of norman's missionary companions made a comment to him about it afterwards {which i won't add here to keep the sacredness of it, but it was something i'll always remember}. it was truly some of the best 20 minutes i've ever experienced being in that sealing room with all my family and close friends gathered around us. it was so small and close and intimate and perfect. and once we finished all our family and friends gave us hugs and cried and it was all sorts of exciting. we did it! we were married! it was my favorite part of our wedding day.

the rest of the day was great as well. good luncheon including my rather clumsy niece, amanda, plowing head first into the head table in the middle of my dad's sweet and sincere father of the bride speech. :) gave everyone a good laugh. then later we went to our reception which was beautifully decorated and ready for us. we had a great time seeing friends come and congratulate us. and of course as we were leaving the reception for the night my brother in laws couldn't help themselves....they all white washed me. {i had pictures of it somewhere...don't know where they went...probably a good thing}.

and then off we were! we spent that night at the red lion hotel and the rest is history! :)

it truly was a great day...some stressful moments, if i'm being honest, but overall was a great day and a happy memory. norman and i do often say that we're glad it's over, though. we just love being married and melting our lives together and growing together and when i think of us 3 years ago compared to today it's true that you just love them more and more and you never thought you could. i'm tellin ya...marriage is a pretty great thing. and i picked a pretty good guy :)

and as my dad recently reminded me....i "struck gold with norman"

:) happy 3 years, boo!


  1. Such a great couple. Glad I got to be a part of your special day! misss you.

  2. Happy 3 years! :) The time goes by fast.