Monday, December 9, 2013

please tell me you've done something like this, too

yeah I know, I know. my mirror is dirty....but...I don't seem to have windex anywhere in sight. so...screw it.
so I am now 25 weeks and 1 day pregnant. baby moves..a LOT. whenever I'm the "big spoon" at night baby reece likes to kick norman in the back. it's very cute. I don't really feel sick anymore. mornings are still a little touchy, but not terrible. I was having trouble sleeping until I pulled out my trusty pregnant pillow that norman got me a while back and it is heavenly I won't lie...I sleep like an angel now. it's magic.
but what I really wanted to share with you today was a rather embarrassing/funny short story that happened yesterday. you ladies who have been pregnant or are pregnant better have had something similar happen like this to you as well...or I'm gonna feel really weird.
So, I love massages. love love love them. and norman is pretty good at them. so I ask him often if he will give me a massage. and at the beginning of our marriage...wasn't a big deal...but now because of the frequency of my's become a nuisance to him. and I don't blame him because honestly...I hate giving people massages. well the last couple of days I have been pleasantly awoken with a nice little back massage from my dear husband and it has been so so so great. so last night after we watched the Christmas devotional on tv and played a game of Russian rummy...norm was finishing up some school work and I was chillin on the couch...not doing much, but feeling really uncomfortable. as usual. {which I know will get don't need to mention it}. norman finished up and wanted to cuddle and I asked him if he would give me a massage. I wanted one bad. he kindly said no, he had willingly given me one this morning and yesterday morning without me even asking and that should fill his quota for a while. well..i wanted one bad...and I kept begging him to give me one.  but he wasn't budgin...and I knew he wasn't...and I started to get rather upset....
and I started to a good can't stop it kind of cry. the kind where I know it's so ridiculous but it's coming anyway so I'm half laughing half bawling. I'm trying to disguise this from norman and of course that's not going to work and he asks...."morgan! what are you doing?" so then he starts laughing, too and keeps asking me why I'm crying. I didn't even know?! I mean....why was I crying??
 well he snuggled me while I cried and said weird things like "I feel so weird right now." and "I just feel so uncomfortable all the time it's nice to have something that makes me feel good."
guys, it was so weird.
so he kindly sat and rubbed and tickled and massaged my back for a good 20 minutes. and it was heavenly. but I still felt like a fool. it was the weirdest thing I've ever cried about. I mean, being a girl...and havin that time of the month...I've cried about some weird stuff. but my husband saying that he didn't want to give me a massage? that's a little much, morg.
anywho, we had a good laugh about it again afterwards...and it'll probably still be funny to us for a long time. but wow.....please tell me you pregnant mamma's have had weird stuff like that too, k? cause then maybe I won't feel so weird.
thanks. :)


  1. Morg, girl, this has happened to me 3 times since I have been pregnant. Once because I wanted to hang out at a girls night, but didn't feel like socializing, once for Pedro telling me we couldn't do like 5 photo sessions for baby, family, hospital etc, and once last night because Pedro told me I needed to get in bed because it was more comfortable than the couch. Yep it happens. And yep it is ridiculous! But it is fun to laugh at after the fact :)

    1. oh good good. this does make me feel better. haha. it's so crazy being pregnant eh? very interesting experience for sure.

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