Friday, December 6, 2013

taking stock 02


i know, i know. you're all thinkin... "you just did this"... and i did...but it is december now, and i am making this a monthly ritual, you have it. i'll try to space it out better next time.

Making : no sense of Lost {the tv show}
Cooking : spaghetti o's
Drinking : cran-grape juice cause can take a guess. being pregnant rocks.
Reading: christmas lists
Wanting: these fiber one bars i keep eating to work....tmi? whatevs.
Looking: for a new apartment.....i hate apartment hunting. someone find something great for me. thanks.
Playing: card games with norm
Wasting: away in this dungeon i live in
Sewing: i need to get rid of this category
Wishing: my husband would give me endless amounts of massages...they feel oh so nice.
Enjoying: my pregnant pillow i now sleep with that wraps around me like a snickity-snake
Waiting: for norman to finish homework for the evening so we can watch LOST
Liking: that i'm about 99% done with my christmas shopping
Wondering: if we're going to be able to move before christmas {fingers crossed!}
Loving: how pretty it looks outside with that romantic type of snow fall and all the christmas lights

Hoping: this apartment i found will be just as cool in person
Marvelling: at how this time of year you can literally feel the difference in the air
Needing: to brush my teeth...ew.
Smelling: that wintery wonderful know what i'm talking about?
Wearing: norman's t-shirt, my sweats, costco's fabulous wool blend socks
Following: my instincts....hoping they're right
Noticing: that my acne filled jaw line is not going better be gone after this man cub arrives
Knowing: how stressed my husband is in school :(
Thinking: that i can't believe i'm tired at 9 o clock when i took like a 2 hour nap earlier today
Feeling: lazy
Bookmarking: this cute home decor shop called "morgan's emporium" that i'm gonna check out tomorrow
Opening: up craigslist over and over to check for apartment listings
Giggling: about nothing...i get weirdly hyper at night sometimes
Feeling: didn't i already do this one? i guess i can be feeling multiple things at once..we'll go with hungry this time. 

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