Monday, December 16, 2013

how we celebrate

currently, norman and are night managers of the destinations inn in idaho falls. part of the deal is that we have to be in our apartment from 10pm-8am every day, just in case someone in the hotel gives us a call and needs some assistance. but this weekend, we were celebrating our 3rd anniversary. :) norman was in charge of plans so he got someone to stay at our apartment for us while we spent a little weekend away. 

we didn't get to leave til later because norman has been studying his poor life away in every spare moment before finals, but, when he got home we headed to pocatello to go to wingers for dinner. did you know they closed the wingers in idaho falls??? i was so to pocatello it was. after this we headed to the Red Lion Hotel. Norman had made a reservation for the same room we stayed in on our wedding night. :) very sentimental and cute of him. we had a fabulous time relaxing, reminiscing,  and not worrying whether the phone was going to ring or not. it was simply perfect.

happy anniversary!