Saturday, May 5, 2012

You can read minds?

day 21: 30 for 30 

if you could have one superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it first

this question is super easy for me, and so therefore this will be a short post.


i have always wanted to read peoples minds.

know what they're thinking.

but....only sometimes.

i not only want the power to read peoples minds and hear their thoughts, but i also want the power to turn it off when i want.

because that could get exhausting.
and sometimes...i just...don't want to know.

so there you have it.
i would read minds.
and i don't know really what i would do with that first other than cure my curiosity.


have a great weekend everybody!

as of tomorrow i am headed to hang out with these guys:

london and jenna

rian, quinn, and london

kelsey and dan

in this beautiful place:

 Puerto Rico here i come!

again :) 

{all pictures taken by the lovely kelsey riley} 



  1. It's no fair! All this leisurely traveling you get to do!

    1. i know...i know..... i am SUPER lucky i won't lie.

      it is a treat.

      unfortunately normy doesn't get to come with this time. :( but i'm still excited.
      maybe i'll come visit you guys in delaware :)