Monday, May 7, 2012

The future and the present.

day 22: 30 for 30

where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

5 years:

27 yrs old.
 i'd be graduated.
norman graduated.
have a baby with possibly another on the way
moving somewhere for normans new rockin job offer

10 years:

32 yrs old.
a successful cosmetologist
3-4 kids
possibly a home?
an adorable puppy for sure named carlisle.
living somewhere rad!

15 years:

37 yrs old.
living in a nice home, decorated to my liking.
hopefully a salon in my house that i can work out of.
4-5 kiddos runnin around me givin me constant loves.
still in complete love with my wonderful husband.

well that was fun takin a peek into my future life for a lets see what's goin on currently:

i took this sunday afternoon.
my cousin, mekelle, and her husband, nick, took me to the airport sunday night, so i stayed with them all day sunday and had a fabulous evening.

we went over to my aunt and uncles for a delicious dinner {in which i even had seconds on carrots....that is a huge the way} and as we were sittin in the living room, watching a league of their own {fabulous film} i looked out their back deck doors and saw this view above....had to capture it.

beautiful place that heber valley.

then it was on to the airport for a couple of long flights.

the first being from salt lake to atlanta in which i don't remember a single thing.

slept the whole way.

in fact, i fell asleep before take off....

then had a 3 ish hour layover in atlanta and was uber tired

then onto my flight to san juan, puerto rico!

yeah....slept through the whole thing as well.

but managed to wake up to capture this view outside my window:

and to snag a free apple juice and pretzels. :)
then quickly fell right back to sleep til we landed.

when i got there my sister said one of my nieces {london} had been talking about coming to pick me up at the airport all day and was so excited.

well when i got in the car....ready to greet them all: this is what london was doing:


it was really cute to see her face when she woke up and there i was in the car with them!

we then finished the day by grabbing some mcdonalds for lunch, taking a quick dip in their complex swimming pool, and eating some empanadas for dinner {no idea how to spell that...but they were delicious}

overall the trip has been a success thus far.


here's to 3 1/2 more days of fun.

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