Thursday, May 3, 2012

Samika Lakota.

So my previous post was about my 3 childhood memories.

well as i neared the end of the post, i couldn't for the life of me think of a third memory.

and so i just ended it and'll think of one later and maybe add it.

well as a published the post i got a phone call from my mom.

about my sweet dog.

she'd passed away.
and we hadn't really been expecting it.


talk about a punch to the chest.

i immediately started crying.
this is not just "a dog" 
i have had her since i was 9 years old.
she was a beautiful yellow lab.
her name was Samika Lakota {has to be a unique/weird name when you're registering a dog} but we called her Sami

now, those of you who don't have pets, or don't understand, sorry if i sound like a cry baby, but this dog was literally a part of my family.

it is unreal the amount of sadness that comes from losing a pet that you loved so much. and who loved you back the same.

and i thought...this is one of my most favorite childhood memories.

my #3 for my post.

the day i got my puppy.

it was technically for my sisters birthday...but the dog was all of ours.

she was the cutest puppy i have ever seen....still have not met a puppy to beat her yet.

{i'll get a pic up of her puppy years'll agree}

i've spent many a days with that dog. and she was loyal and obedient and spunky and somehow, like dogs do, seemed to understand when i needed comfort.

now as many of you know, my parents are going on a mission to tennessee in about a month and my husband and i are moving into their house.

and to be honest, the first thing i would always say when people would ask me if i was excited was:

"yes! and i get my puppy back!"

i was so excited to live with my girl again.

norm and i were talking about her and why dogs touch your soul so much.

we started listing characteristics of dogs and realized they're such a good example.

they're loyal.

something to strive for.

anyway. now that i've rambled on forever about my dog, and all of you have probably rolled your eyes at how hard i'm taking this....

i'll end it.

RIP Samika Lakota
you're already missed



  1. :( i'm sorry morgy, i met sami before, and even though i'm not really an animal person, i thought she was a very nice dog and definitely didnt roll my eyes at your post:)

  2. morg i am so sad for you. i can't understand the pain that you're going through, but sometimes (because cricket is getting old) i think about how i am going to handle it when he dies. i don't think i will very well. so you are TOTALLY ALLOWED to bawl about this for days. because i believe that dogs are SO AMAZING and it is worse to me when a dog dies than a person. GOSh, i'm so sad for you. ok i am rambling. but i love you morg. hang in girl.

  3. I'm so sad that I didn't get to see her one last time. I literally breaks my heart. She is still......hands down.....the BEST birthday gift I have EVER RECEIVED! Love you puppy dog!

  4. Thank you everybody for the kind words:( its no fun losing a favorite pet. I'll tell ya that. :(