Thursday, May 3, 2012


day 20: 30 for 30

describe 3 significant memories from your childhood 

i've decided that some of these questions are hard

i have lots of memories from my childhood. how am i only supposed to pick 3?

but i'll try i guess....

i was a pretty cute little girlie...i won't lie...and then i had a huuuuge awkward phase. it's fine.

but i have tons of memories with these two lovely ladies:



these girls are two of my absolute favorites.

they are 2 of my cousins: Tayva and Mekelle
{i also mention them here}

when i think of childhood memories i think of them.

lost of make believe.
lots of dress up.
lots of late night talks.
lots of 2 against 1. :)
lots of boating.
lots of camping.
lots of beanie babies.

i love these 2 girls so much.

one specific memory i have {out of way too many to recount} was at priest lake, idaho.

our yearly get away.

me, mekelle, tayva. triple slolem skiing :)
we arrived at priest lake, and us three decided we were gonna go on a little adventure through the woods.

we were running following each other and to keep it short and simple, we were on top of a log, walking across it and i slipped off...went to grab on to anything to save me from falling into the muddy pit below me, and as a reached for a branch it sliced me from my wrist up my hand. leaving me bloody. cute.

well we then realized we were lost....and we panicked.

we had just been running and running through the woods we hadn't noticed we didn't really know where we were.

how do you get lost in a place you've been every single year of your life for the last 12 years? i don't know...but it happened...and my hand was bleeding pretty good.

so i started to cry and my cute cousins were the brave ones who tried to figure out a way back to camp.

we walked a bit and luckily our parents made us take a walkie talkie with us. so once we got in range, we radioed someone to kind of help us find our way back.

it wasn't terrible. but i couldn't ski that year til my hand healed.


us three have so many fun stories. we surely did live it up back in our younger years. played hard. :)

another girl i think of when remembering childhood is this one:

this is my older sister, kelsey.

i followed her around like crazy as a child and as i mentioned in another post, i pretty much wanted to be her when i was little.

i mean look at me...i'm even copying her pose here in the photo above.

and clinging on to her here.

gosh i was real annoying.

but we grew to be best friends!

but during childhood i remember playing lots of games with kelsey. they were rather odd.

one was called "donkey"

and it basically involved her sitting on my back {she was a lot larger than me} with me on all fours and i had to see how far up i could get on the stairs before collapsing.

i thought it was hilarious for some reason.
and she liked the torture of me struggling up the stairs.
we had an odd relationship.

and we have so many fun memories.

now i know i didn't really list 3 specific memories, but i can't really think of anything else worthy of writing down.

i know there are lots, but i'm just havin a writers block i guess. :)

so if anyone reading this has a memory of me and them when i was a kid...

please share!
it's fun to reminisce.

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