Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The 2 S's...

day 19: 30 for 30

if you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

 so i am constantly playing this game.

the "where could we live" game.

it's a fun game when you're still in college and the options are endless. 

i love it.

it drives norman crazy though. haha.

so as of right now, i have narrowed it down to 2 places.

one is more of a realistic place, and the other...maybe not so much.



i mentioned this in one of my 20 random facts about me, but i have a weird obsession with seattle.

my parents and i took a road trip once: went to the redwood forest in northern california {also wouldn't mind living in norcal..it's beautiful up there} then up the coastline of oregon and washington all the way to forks, {yes...for twilight reasons...it was fun} and then on our way back we drove through seattle and hung out for the day and i fell in love.

 i remember texting my cousin right there saying "i know where i'm gonna live....so you'd better move on up to seattle with me"
{we had planned to live by each other} 

i just thought it was an absolutely beautiful city. so clean and green and bright and beautiful {i'm feeling like a poet...see how i get when i talk about it?}

and it's not terribly far from family down here in good ol' idaho.

anyway...i loved it.

wouldn't mind living there at all.
plus my husband is doing civil/structural engineering and we are hoping to get an internship with boeing {which is in the seattle area} so...this dream is quite possible.

yay for me!

{plus it'll do wonders for my naturally curly hair up there..} 

second is:



i really don't have super good reasons for why i'd want to live here other than:

*it's in europe
*it's always neutral
*it's breathtakingly beautiful
*it's surrounded by countries such as germany, france, italy, and austria so it would make it awfully convenient to travel the world
*they don't eat outrageously weird food...{i'm rather picky unfortunately...it's a problem}

 actually...those reasons aren't too bad in my book.

so...lets do it?



  1. Um YES for Switzerland! I've never been there but I am dying to go!

    p.s. emailing you tonight :)


    1. i know...it just looks so appealing to me! i wanna go!!

      p.s. lookin forward to it. for real.