Monday, April 30, 2012


day 18: 30 for 30

what has been the most difficult thing you had to forgive

i have been fortunate enough to not have too many instances in my life where it has been terribly difficult to forgive.

now i don't know if that's because i forgive easily or i just haven't had that many people do or say terrible things to me.

{lets go with the first one, how about...;)} 

i would have to say, in my own personal life, there was only one time that it was rather difficult to forgive.

i don't want to go into much detail because this situation has long passed and i don't need to rehash anything so i will keep it rather simple.

i had some people in my life that i thought turned their back on me, and caused some pain because they used to be really close to me. it took me a long while to move passed it.

that's the gist.


some of these 30 for 30 questions are too personal to share with the get vagueness.

but i am happy to say that forgiveness is a powerful thing. i was quite bitter for some time, and after i let it go, and did my part in apologizing and moving on from it, it felt incredible. i can't describe it. 

i really enjoyed elder uchtdorf's talk {here} in conference this last april. it was about fixing problems, moving on, being nice. i absolutely loved it and i encourage anybody who has something that they are holding on to that they haven't forgiven for, try to take some steps to move forward, it's incredibly freeing and so worth it.


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