Sunday, April 29, 2012

Me? the next Monet? i don't think so...

day 17: 30 for 30

what is the thing you most wish you were great at?
this one was easy for me:
i have always wished i was a great artist.
whether it be painting or drawing with a pencil and paper, i've always always been envious of this talent that others possess.
when i was little, i literally wanted to be my sister, kelsey.

kelsey and me a couple years ago in omaha, ne.

 we actually often joke about how i don't even know what my favorite things were in my childhood because whatever she liked. i liked.

she loved garfield, i loved garfield.
she loved the color blue. i loved the color blue.
etc. etc.

but the one thing that she did do that i genuinely wanted to be:

she is an amazing artist 

she used to draw things and i would steal them and try to copy them.

i did alright, and i had decent talent at drawing, but nothing like her, and nothing to make me want to continue.

anyway, from then on i have always wished i was a great artist and could sit down and draw or paint anything.
seems like it would be amazing to create something in such a way.

so there ya have it.

morgan, the artist! ...yeah..not so much :)


  1. I was never really THAT good, Morgan. Definitely not good enough to be envious over. But wanting to be a good artist is a really good pick of something you wish you were good at.

  2. bull....crap!! you are that good you little punK!