Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm accomplished.

day 16: 30 for 30
what are your 5 greatest accomplishments
thus far
we'll start with who we normally do:

1. being sealed in the temple for time and for all eternity to my wonderful and amazing husband, norman.

2. probably my high school graduation. that was pretty great. 12 years of school is a long time :)

 my friends: jessica, melissa, hailey, and me

3. truly being converted and finding my own testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel and living what i believe.

4. being accepted to and graduating from byu-idaho. {even if it was only an associates degree in generals....getting that diploma in the mail felt real good :) }

my roommate/cousin took this of me. while i was supposed to be listening to a video for a class...i fell asleep....wonder how i graduated...

5. living my life with no regrets. to the fullest. knowing what i deserve and who i am. loving with all my heart and growing each day.

here's to {hopefully} many more accomplishments in life!


  1. Morgan, this post totally made my day. I absolutely love reading your blog. I hope the married life is treating you well. It sure sounds like it. :)

    1. keely! i'm glad you enjoy my blog. that makes me happy. :) and married life is so great! i hope you are doing well also!