Friday, April 13, 2012

Sweet 16...

Day 4
30 for 30 challenge

what 10 things would i tell my 16 year old self if i could:

1. don't worry about biology because you end up going into cosmetology and it doesn't have a lot of biology

2. don't worry about who does/doesn't like you, cause you're currently attending school with your future husband, and he's pretty amazing and you'll never look back on anyone you ever crushed on after he comes into your world {even though at the time he was dating one of my best friends} :)

3. spend as much time with your sisters as possible because pretty soon they'll all be living halfway around the world

4. appreciate Mr. Baer...and choir....cause after high'll miss music and won't get as many chances to be in a beautiful choir like that again.

5.embrace your naturally curly hair, it's beautiful

6. work harder in volleyball, you might have natural talent but you can be so much better if you work harder

7. take that ap english class mrs. funk keeps trying to get you to take, cause you won't have to take your english class in college {although i did thoroughly enjoy that class}

8. be kinder and not so sarcastic {still working on that one}

9. don't get stuck in any clique's...they're not that cool...and meeting and making friends with lots of people is more fun

10. embrace your bra size never gets bigger ;)

man i had long hair....

oh and just a side note:

happy friday the 13th!

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