Thursday, April 12, 2012

Parents + Me...

Day 3 in 30 for 30

describe your relationship with you parents

i don't consider myself a momma's girl or a daddy's girl...i'm kind of a "both" kind of girl. i consider myself lucky and kind of unlucky in the fact that my sister closest to me moved out the summer after my 8th grade year to go to college.

so there i was.
have 4 years of high school.
no siblings.
just me.
and mom.
and dad.
.....and the dog.

at first i thought it was going to be miserable. but it turned out to be something great. i became very close to my mom and dad, and i love them both so much.

now don't think i didn't call sisters and vent every once and a while, :) but it truly was great to be there with just us three.


jan simpson rhoades

i feel that my mom and me have a pretty normal mother/daughter relationship.

i'm a brat, always have been always will be...and i know i was quite the teenager to raise.

i was a truly good kid in the fact that i had good friends, didn't do drugs or drink, didn't care to have a boyfriend, just lots of friends, so therefore, this made me an angel child for my parents in the sense that they really didn't have anything to worry about with me.


i am a brat.
i say things i shouldn't.
i'm blunt.
sometimes not very nice.

so this caused some normal, occasional tension for my mom and i growing up. when we didn't agree on something, i didn't hesitate to tell her what i thought and why, and it wasn't nice, or fun.

i am trying to be better :)

but other than the occasional "morgan being a brat" moment, my mother and i get along great.

she's silly.
a bit of a control freak {although i don't know what i would've done growing up if she weren't...she's so accurate, punctual, and organized}
fun to talk to.
a good listener.
and takes care of me in so many ways.

i always know that i can go to her with anything. Even if she doesn't agree with what i think or vice versa, we understand that our opinions are different, and move on.
i've always always known i can talk to her.

i love her dearly and she is an amazing woman.


clifford jay rhoades

 my dad is hard to explain in words.
he is truly an amazing person.

and our relationship is as well.

i have never felt distant from my dad.
he's always been there for me and we've always had a fabulous relationship.

he has always been involved in my life and supportive.
what is funny about my dad is that he is a total mans man.
he was a total and complete jock in high school and played every sport imaginable i swear {he was on a rowing team for the university of nebraska....really dad? a rowing team? no one really even knows what that is!}
but his main squeeze when referring to sports was football, he played in high school, then at a 2 year college called Doane, then at the University of Nebraska.
 he also trained for the U.S. olympics, however didn't end up going because he was converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, and decided he would rather enjoy his time serving a mission. {this is just one or two of the many things he has done in life....he is insane...whole nother story} :)

but my point is, he's a mans man...a jock...probably wanted some sons to share that passion with..


he was blessed with 4 daughters...

bummer right?

no, not in his eyes.

luckily for him, we played sports :)

we were/are all avid volleyball players. and my dad learned to love it as well. Got very involved, and him already being a teacher as his profession, was a fabulous coach.

he coached all of us. and we all had a great relationship with him through that.

and as i have grown i have truly realized how wise he really is.

i used to tease him because in high school whenever i had a boy problem or friend problem or volleyball problem or anything he would tell me what i needed to do or what would happen if i didn't/did do certain things, and i would take his advice and decide on my own what to do. and whatever i would act on my choice, everything he said was always was weird...but he truly is so wise and a great person to talk to about anything.

i'll always love him and my mom for that.

i could go on and on about my parents and how fabulous they are, although imperfect, i don't expect them to be. i know i won't be and i hope my children give me a little leeway when i'm raising them. :)

i love them so much. i just barely TOUCHED on the people they are and the relationship i have with them.

maybe i'll save that for another day.

but for now we'll go with this:

i love them both so much.
they would do anything for me.
they are incredible examples to me.
they are my friends.
they love me.

by the way..this is another true happy clifford smile...they don't come often via picture, so ...enjoy while you can :)

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