Wednesday, April 11, 2012

3 fears...

Day 2 of 30 for 30

3 legitimate fears:

1. i would have to say i am legitimately afraid of the ocean.
not in a "i will never enter the ocean or ride a boat" kind of way, because i've been on a cruise, a sailboat, and i've snorkeled, however....i had to just tell myself "don't think about it"

i mean what isn't scary about the ocean?

you have big scary creatures to worry about:

and then you have huge creatures that aren't necessarily threatening, but huge....and intimidating...and could probably just accidentally swallow you:

little creatures that could very easily just sneak right up and get cha:

 and if none of that is scary enough, you have rip tides and currents to worry about drowning:

i'm tellin ya, people, it's not ok. 
 in fact, to illustrate how ridiculous i am, while writing this post about all these huge animals or scary things...i'm gettin a little nauseated. it's not ok.....

lets move on to fear #2 how about

2. being raped, murdered
that's pretty simple, right? i've seen so many lifetime movies when i was young that this has been a fear of mine since youth.

i check my backseat, under my car, i make up situations in my head about people i see and what i would do if they tried to attack me....
 it's bad.
and scary.

3. and for my last fear, i'm gonna go with losing my spouse.
now i don't have children yet, and i assume that would be a horrible ordeal as well, but i just get so scared thinking about how easily losing your spouse can happen. car wrecks, disease...whatever it may be....
it's scary. i have a strong faith in my Savior that i know would get me through it, but it doesn't take away the fear.

so there you have it. 3 legitimate fears, what are some of your biggest fears and why?


  1. Morg hahah Im still laughing about, "little creatures that could very easily just sneak right up and get cha". too funny. Love this post.

  2. ok this post is creeping me out because i SWEAR i know the boy in that first picture. or he looks just like someone i know. i wonder if he is still alive?! ahhhhH!!