Monday, April 16, 2012

Just dreamin here....

day 7: 30 for 30

what is your dream job and why?

i think i have a plethora of dream jobs, but i think a lot of them aren't actually jobs.

first of all, i am going to school for cosmetology. and i won't lie when i say it is pretty dreamy for me.

every job i've had, my favorite part was getting to know new people and learning their story and helping them in some way, even if helping was just by listening.

well, add that with my obsession with hair, and walah! you have my dream job. :)

i get to make people feel beautiful and talk and listen and have so much fun! i am definitely in my field of choice right now. and it feels wonderful to love what you're doing and have a desire to be successful. i've never had that with anything else other than marriage and volleyball :) and it feels absolutely amazing.

i tell norman often: "i love that i'm going into cosmetology"

because i do. so. much.

this was my first haircut i did....just a trim..


i have some other jobs that are on my "dreamy" list

i have probably only told like 3 people this, {mom, dad, and norm} but i think it would be so great to be a professional dog trainer.

like for police dogs

or service dogs

i love dogs

so much.

and i think it would be so fun to get them when they're a puppy and train them to help people....

except my only problem with this would be

giving them away....don't think i could do it.

so that's what makes this just a dream. :)
but any job that has to do with hangin out with a dog all day, i'm in.

i also think the best job ever would be like a professional traveller.

i love learning about different cultures and different types of people and what they've been through, etc. etc. and seeing a new part of the world while doing it!

it would be absolutely fabulous.

however..i'm not quite sure what kind of job would have you do that, but it would be dreamy!

i mean who wouldn't want to visit these places:

rome, italy

french alps



antwerp, belgium



talk about dreamy.


  1. Hey morg... Just want to say on the last post that you're not the imperfect one in marriage;) anywho... On this post I wanna say anyone of those pics with the water.... I'm totally in when you make your millions cosmetolog-i-zing.... Those pics are sweet.

  2. Hey! We should do this dream job together (I dont know if you read my post but we definitely have something in common):)

    1. Agreed! Professional travelers it is... Let's get ta goin.

  3. oh gosh, i just adore dogs so much but i could never be a service dog trainer because then i would never want to give the dogs away!! what a great little post :)
    xo TJ

    1. i know....i love dogs too much to train them, put all my work into them and then give them away! heck no! :) thanks for stoppin by my little blog though! hope you stay! :)

  4. I think its so funny to read all of these things about you. I just finished reading your last three days...some of these I knew and some were very interesting. Oh the things that we think that most of the time you are the only one that knows about it. What a great way to share with others. I wouldn't mind being a professional traveler...Fun!!

    1. we've been sisters for HOW MANY YEARS? :) just kiddin. i like these to read :)