Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hard things...

day 6: 30 for 30
what is the hardest thing you've ever experienced?

this was a bit of a tough one for me because honestly, i've had a pretty cushy life. i really haven't "experienced" something myself that was super "hard." i've witnessed family members go through extremely hard situations, and some made me hurt for them. but those weren't my experiences necessarily.

so this morning i was thinking about it and i think i've figured out what the hardest thing i've experienced is.

and it's not only the hardest, but also the greatest...


marriage is hard.
 now, don't get me wrong.

i absolutely love being married.

would never go back.

but it is a challenge, too.
a good one.

before i was married, i was studying marriage and family studies at byui. in one of my marriage classes we talked a lot about communication and sex and how to deal with different personalities and meshing life together and such and i remember sittin in class'm gonna rock when i get married knowing all these things. 

did that happen?

eh..not so much.

norman and i have a fabulous marriage in my opinion, but it is definitely something you have to constantly be working on.
and just because maybe you took a class and think you "know" a lot about marriage and how to make it work, it still isn't perfect. because no one is perfect.

i won't lie, i never realized how many flaws i had and how bad they were til i was married.

for me, marriage seemed to accentuate how impatient i am, how occasionally inconsiderate i am, how sarcastic i am, so on and so forth.

and that was hard.

but the great thing about it is, i had a big reason to change all those things about me. 

and that reason is someone i love very much, and who i don't want to be negatively affected by my dumb actions or words.

i love norman.
so so so much it's hard to explain in words.
and he is worth it.

marriage may be hard, but it's also the easiest decision i ever made.

we have so much fun together and love each other so much that when those hard moments come...we know we love each other enough to work it out, move on, and keep on lovin.
 although easier said than done...
totally worth it.

i love you, norm.


  1. beautiful :) favorite post by far.

  2. yay morgan and norman! I think I love you both just as much as you love each other! ;) ha ha!

    1. you know if it was coming from anyone else...i dunno...but from you....i just might believe that :)

  3. Replies
    1. thank you roberta! just checked out your blog and you are quite the cultured gal! very neat! thanks for stoppin by! i hope you stay!