Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm a little weak....

day 13: 30 for 30

 describe 5 weaknesses you have

so although my will power is already pretty weak in life....these are some 5 things that win out in the power battle almost every time....if not...every.time.

1some specific tv dramas.

{example: grey's anatomy, private practice, bachelor/bachelorette/bachelor pad}
no matter how stupid they get, i.can't.stop.


i am the biggest sucker for puppies, or dogs in general.
if puppies could talk, they could bully me around real good, cause i would do anything their sweet little heart wanted. they're just so dang cute!

3. food. in general.

if i am hungry...or even if i'm not..and there's good food around....i can't help it.
in fact you know how people say "i only come for the food" that's me...in every situation possible.

4. a good laugh.

someone does/says something silly...i can't help but tease a little bit...

5. the month of december.

i love it. that's why i chose to get married in it. december is so romantic and christmasy and beautiful. i am weak for december :)

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