Monday, April 23, 2012

You think you know..but you have NO idea.

day 12: 30 for 30

describe a typical day in your current life

so did any of you watch those biographies on hollywood celebrities and at the beginning they'd be like "you think you know...but you have NO idea" ? 


well..i i thought it'd be a good post title.

this was taken a few years ago...but i pretty much look the same...

so as of right now my life is pretty same old same old.

it goes a little something like this:

6:27 am: alarm goes off
7:05-7:15 ish: i finally decide to quit snoozing my alarm and wake up
7:40: leave for school

8:00: begin my school day in my classroom of 14 girls learnin all things hair :)
 11:30 ish: get released from class to go to lunch.
usually is spent in the cafeteria with my fabulous cosmetology girlies laughin away...or with my husband when he doesn't have class :) 
3:30 or 4:00 ish: get released for the day and drive home.

then after that it's either watching episodes of modern family with my boo, pick up volleyball games with old teammates, reading blogs and writing blogs, naps, an occasional dinner with the husband {if we're up to cooking something..long days at school make us both not want to make anything}, visiting family, we are also currently re-reading the hunger games series {we're on catching fire} so we will read a chapter or two here and there, snuggling with my boy, stop by mckee's pet store and hold the puppies, you know, fun, married life stuff like that. :)

and now that the weather is warming up, soon on our list of daily activity will be bike rides, evening walks, and swingin at the park :) 

so there you have it....

you thought you knew....but you had no idea.

p.s. sorry for slackin on my 30 for 30...the weekend was a tad bit busy. as you might've seen in my previous post {here}, parents got their mission call, and norm and i are the lucky winners that get to live in their house while they're gone.

yay for no rent!


  1. YAY for you! No rent will be awesome! :)

    Your typical day sounds great :) Love Modern Family... lol... the few I've seen anyway!


  2. i know right?

    and we LOVE modern family. so funny. we own the seasons. it's a great investment.