Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm kinda strong...

day 14: 30 for 30

describe 5 strengths you have.

1. i think i am pretty good at relating to people and getting along with almost any type of person. i really like people and i like hearing people's stories. so...i feel like i can talk to people and not judge and just love them for who they are.

2. i'm a pretty honest person.
in the way that if you ask me if i like what you're wearing? and i don't? i'll tell you in a nice-ish way.
i think i just know how to tell people what i honestly think without hurting their feelings....most the time

3.  i've always been true to myself and who i am.
i have strong belief/knowledge in my religion. and i have values that i stick to because i want to. i believe what i believe and i don't let others sway me. no.matter.what.

4. i find myself to be somewhat of a humorous person. i would say i'm pretty funny. ;) and i find that a strength.

5. i'm loyal.
i stay true to my friends and family. always backing them up no matter what. i'll always be there for them. i am loyal to my commitments. i don't commit to something i don't think i can do.
i'm loyal.


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