Monday, March 13, 2017

brecken's birthday

we had a great time celebrating miss b's first birthday. we kept it simple...i basically just made treats that i was in the mood for. cake balls, and chocolate covered strawberries :) and then since we kind of did it in the early morning/afternoon i threw in some donuts. so, i went "all out" for grants birthday last year. did a whole big cars themed birthday party and it was a LOT of work... never. never will i do that again. haha. they enjoy it just as much when you keep it simple. especially when they are young. so i didn't stress too much about b's first birthday. just wanted to invite family over, have some treats, and celebrate our little girl. and it was perfect.

she got some fun presents from family and she loved the frosting on her cake. she was pretty dainty while eating it though!!! i thought she would really get in there and be messy because she's obsessed with food, but she didn't... as we let her sit there she progressively got messier, but she still didn't really "go to town" on it. haha. she was very cute and loved everyone singing to her and grant helped her blow her candle out, which he loved. i will say, he had a hard time not being the center of attention (eye roll emoji)... good thing his birthday's coming up here in a WEEK and we can dote on him a little (not like he doesn't get doted on all the time by errrrrrbody....).

anyway... HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY my sweet girl. 

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  1. What a fun party! She looks so happy with her cake. :)