Wednesday, March 22, 2017

grant turns 3

^^^grant trying to hold up "3" fingers^^^ 

^^^miss b didn't love hitting the piñata...funny girl^^^

^^^digging for those minions^^^

my little boy is 3!!!! 

this year was sooooo fun with my little man. we had quite a few birthdays in a row, first my dads in january, then mine and brecken's in february, grant knew what birthdays were all about..... and he was ready for it to be his turn. mostly for the cake and the song. he loooooooves singing that happy birthday song and blowing out the candles. this was the first year he really understood that it was his birthday. i mean... he doesn't know what a birthday is still, but he knew that this one was his and we were celebrating him. 

we celebrated a couple times in true birthday week fashion. my parents were going to be out of town for his birthday so they came up the sunday before and we had dinner, some mickey mouse brownies, and they gave him his present. (the lightening mcqueen chair which he loooooves)

then on his actual birthday i took him to ijump in the morning and we had so much fun playing!! then we came home for a nap and got ready to party!! he loves having his cousins over and his grandpas. he kept telling me all day "quinn and rian and grandpa and great grandpa are coming!!!" 

we had a minion themed birthday party and had a minion cake (courtesy of the fabulous grandma joy), and a minion piñata which the kids all enjoyed!
after the piñata was presents. now this year i made a rule that any present he got had to have some educational value, couldn't just get him a bunch of toys. so the first few presents of books and puzzles he wasn't super pumped about. hahaha. it was quite funny...he just didn't know what they were. he got a drill and a tool set from grandma and grandpa reece though and thought that was pretty fun to be like dad. 

so i had bought 3 little plush minions i was going to use for decoration but decided to just throw in with his gift instead. well once he got to our present and opened it up he must've  seen them at the bottom because he just started ripping everything out an handing it to me until he got to them. it was pretty funny. then afterward he noticed the lego duplos we had gotten him that he had handed off to me and wanted to open it and play with them.

we then sang to him and he blew out candles (his favorite part) if you saw my instragram video of us singing to him you can attest to how dang cute he was. he was so excited and it made my heart so happy. i just kept thinking how lucky i am to be a mom to this little boy. he made me a mother 3 years ago and i never knew i could love so deep and so hard until he came into my life.

so, happy birthday to my sweet little boy! we love you more than you know. and i'll never get over hearing you say "i love YOU, too!" it literally makes my heart want to burst. 

happy birthday grant!

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