Monday, March 6, 2017

brecken rose: 12 months

my little girl turned one on february 25th! it was so fun to celebrate her last saturday and i have pictures from our low-key little party that i'll post later.

but first...the last of the monthly update!

we went to the doctor the week after her birthday and have her stats...

weight:17.8 lbs                 percentile: 19%
height: 26 1/4 inches           percentile: 4.5%

she's so little! i didn't think she was so little, but her percentages say otherwise. her weight dropped in percentile by kind of a lot and it made me a little worried but they said it was pretty normal, especially as she has gotten more mobile!

so let's get to it...

eating: i will just say that i HATE feeding one year olds..... hate hate hate it. they only have front teeth, can't chew anything, but are supposed to be eating table food now. so if any of you mom's have good ideas on what you fed your babies when they were this age...hit me up. she seems eats a lot of baby food still and i have only come across one that she won't eat, the brown rice and black bean one.... so we crossed that off our list. everything else she will eat just fine. she will eat anything i'm eating of course. and then she is still nursing in the morning, at night, and about once in the day. she doesn't seem to want to quit nursing any time soon. i have tried to get rid of the daytime feeding and she's not having it yet.... she will want up, then bang her head against my chest and just start rolling around on my crying until i nurse her.... it's quite funny actually. so....we will attempt to wean her soon, but, just now quite yet i guess!
she started taking cow's milk and is on and off about it. sometimes she will drink a ton, other times she doesn't want anything to do with it. so once i get her drinking that more i can wean her a little better i think.

sleeping: nothing to report here. she has done a bit better and doesn't wake up as often as she used to. usually just once and it's usually early in the morning like around 5 or so... then will go back to sleep. she still takes 2 naps/day and i'm hanging on to those for as long as possible. 

milestones: after reading last months milestones i feel like miss b has made some headway this last month! she is now officially "walking"...and i use quotations because she will only take about 5 or 6 steps at a time but she is slowly starting to get more brave. just today i have noticed that if she falls down, instead of just crawling to where she wants to go, she will stand back up and try to walk again. so that's exciting! i won't lie, i love it when my kids finally start walking. she also is starting to get more chatty! she tries to mimic a lot of words now. she can officially say "mama", "dada", "uh-oh", "boo", "owe", and she attempts to say "peek-a-boo" but it comes out more like "ek-a-boo"'s still very cute. and she tries to say "piggy wiggy's" but just does funny stuff with her mouth. it's cute to watch her try and learn to form new words. she can sign the words please, more, and all done (or finished). 

things i want to remember
brecken is so silly. i want to always remember that. she loves to copy sounds and laughs at everything. she thinks grant is hilarious still and he loves to make her laugh. she does this funny thing where she fake cries or whines now and i find it very cute and humorous. she also is so easy to egg on.... (is that the right use of "egg???" or is it just "eg" ? haha) if she is upset about something and you make a sad face at her and start saying things like "oh, no...brecken??? what happened???? oh no!!!" she will get more and more upset.... it's so funny. for example...i took her binki away the other morning cause she only gets it when she sleeps now and she kind of whined about it and norman started doing what i described above and got her to the point where she was crying and looking at me like i was the worst person in the world. hahaha. it actually made me laugh pretty hard. 
she really does have the best personality. and i love her crazy hair. that girl has the worst bed head and i love it every morning. she shows a lot of expression through her eyes and i think they are beautiful because of that. 

she is simply the best and we were so happy to have a reason to celebrate her!

happy one year miss b! looking forward to spending many more birthdays with you!!

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