Sunday, January 29, 2017

brecken rose: 11 months

can you believe that in ONE month brecken will be ONE YEAR OLD???!!!! WHAT?????? i only have ONE more of these posts to do! that's crazy. but at the same time i can barely remember the days when it was just grant. brecken has been the best addition. 

so let's get to it...

sleep: nothing new here. i feel like she's slowly starting to sleep through the night. usually she wakes up once a night...but we are having more and more nights where she sleeps all night. so all is well.

eat: so not much new here either. other than she's been having some constipation and i feel like i need to figure out what the problem is there. we do feed her a good amount of table food so that may be it, but i'm not sure. she wants to eat ALL the time. even if i've just fed her baby food AND nursed her...if i'm eating...she wants to be eating. ugh. she is slowing down the breastfeeding. she nurses probably 3 ish times during the day and then before bed. the weaning has slowly begun. 

milestones: so i feel like a lot of her milestones i mentioned in her last post because i didn't post her last one til halfway through this month. haha. but one thing she has started doing a lot is standing all on her own. she likes to do it in her crib and gets super proud of herself if you give her lots of praise. she will laugh and smile and keep doing it. she almost took a step the other day but hasn't mustered up that courage yet to do it. she also added a new word to her repertoire. if you call it a's more like a sound affect. she says "owe!" and it's really funny cause she says it all the time.. even if nothing has hurt her... and she says it really high pitched. "owwweee". so yeah... she can say "mama" and "owe" ...that's it. 

things i want to remember
when she gives kisses, she won't actually give a kiss, she just leans her forehead towards you. as if saying "yes..i'll allow you to kiss me". but doesn't kiss back. haha. and now i realize i added this to last months but oh, well. 
she loves when grant tickles her. he can always make her laugh. 
he doesn't even have to tickle her he can just say "tickle tickle tickle" and she will laugh. 
she now has 6 teeth... her fourth one up top finally peeked through the other day.
the poor girl still gets called a boy on the daily. sorry about that brecky.... 

one more month!!! ahhh!! i need to get pinteresting for some birthday ideas!

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