Wednesday, January 18, 2017

a christmas of firsts

so my pictures kind of suck but i was preoccupied with my cute FAMILY OK????

this christmas had a couple firsts for us!! it was brecken's first christmas and it was all of our first christmas in our new home!! and it was oh, so nice and simple and great.
we woke up to our kiddos talking in their room so we went in and grabbed them while filming, and walked them out to where santa had left them their presents. at first grant didn't see his and thought that santa had brought him a stuffed fox... which was cool ... but not near as cool as percy and james...the trains he has been asking every santa he saw this season for. so we showed him what santa brought and he was so excited! he could've cared less that we got him anything else. in fact it was hard to get him to open anything else up. i love how simple kids are. we could've just gotten him those two little trains and he would've been 100% satisfied. 

what i thought was cute was while we were playing with grant, i noticed brecken crawling over to where her santa stuff was... she crawled over, pulled her self right up and started grabbing the adorable stuffed fox that was waiting for her... she now sleeps with it every night..mostly using it for a pillow. santa also brought her a little toothbrush/teether that she looooves. she chewed on it all morning. she was so fun this christmas. i won't lie... grant was kind of boring at his first christmas... he couldn't care less about presents... but brecken is a lot more interested in toys and playing than grant was at her age. so it made her first christmas pretty fun.

after we opened presents and were relaxing in our living room, soaking in the moments with our kids... we got a call from our bishop telling us church had been cancelled due to the crazy snow. (seriously crazy has the snow been this season????) so we got ready to head to pocatello to spend the christmas break with family. 

we went to normans parents and ate food, opened presents, and relaxed. then headed to my parents to have dinner. we weren't doing presents with my family until the next day when my sister and brother in law got here from boise. the day after christmas we opened presents with them and played our annual christmas game which was SOOOOO fun this year. i mean... it's fun every year, but this year we had to draw a name before the game and then we were to get our gifts as if we were that person (without telling anyone who we were)... it made the game a lot more fun and kept the giving spirit of christmas as part of the game. 

then we spent the rest of the week hanging out with family, sledding, four wheeling, going to star wars (of course), and partying with family while bringing in the new year! it was a great way to end 2016!! hope everyone else had a great season as well!

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