Monday, January 9, 2017

brecken rose: 10 months

i took these pictures a couple days before christmas... which was her actual 10 month birthday. but now she's like almost 11 months and i'm just getting around to blogging about it. so some of this may fall under month 11 but, oh, well! her fuzzy hair, smiles and concentrated faces kill me. she has been so much fun lately. i feel like she has learned a ton this last month and is getting so big!! it's not fair!

sleep: the sleeping has improved. thank goodness. she has gone back to either sleeping through the night or waking up once. so not too bad. i'm not complaining too much over here. she takes two naps a day. one in the morning and one in the afternoon. sleeps for a couple hours at a time. so all is well.

eating: still breastfed. got another couple months of that. i have decided that she prefers to feed herself. i have those little pouch baby foods and she loooooves them. so now whenever i try to spoon feed her, she is sloooow and distracted and doesn't want to do it. she also just kinda learned to drink through a straw! so that should help when we switch from breastfeeding to sippy cup. 

milestones: i feel like she made some major progress from last month to this month. from scooting on her tummy to officially crawling EVERYWHERE! she's a quick one! from kind of clapping to definitely clapping. from doing some of patty cake to learning how to "roll it" and "mark it with a b" (it's so cute, i need to get it on film). from kind of pulling herself up to things to always pulling herself up to things and walking along them and as of the other night letting go and standing all by herself! to laughing when i sign the word more to actually trying to sign the word "more." she also learned to crawl up the stairs! and she's quick.... she also took her first tumble down the stairs. :( i got to her about halfway down...but i hate that.... she hasn't figured out how to go down them yet. she got a walker for christmas and likes to walk around the house with it. she knows how to wave hi and bye. norman taught her how to throw so now whenever she gets a ball she throws it and then crawls after it. it's so cute. And last but not least she now has a total of 4 teeth! Her two top ones came through and the other 2 top ones are trying real hard!  

things i want to remember
a lot of the things i want to remember are things that i have put under milestones.
another one that could be considered a milestone is she gives kisses. well.... her version of giving kisses...she basically just puts her forehead on you face. it's sweet.
she does this blinky thing (i think i'm gonna post a video) where if you blink really hard at her she will do it back. she does the same thing with shoulder shrugs. it's so funny and cute. 
she loves to play with her dad. i keep warning her that she better not turn into a daddy's girl. cause she loves her mama.... and we need to keep it that way ;)

below are some videos for your viewing pleasure...the one of brecken and norman is hilarious...of both of them. you won't regret watching it. 

Brecken from morgreece on Vimeo.

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