Thursday, December 15, 2016


we have been married for 6 years..... 6 YEARS, PEOPLE! how crazy is that. 
this year we celebrated a couple weeks early on account of our dear friend, jim gaffigan coming to salt lake. we thought it a perfect opportunity to celebrate our 6th year with some laughs with jim!

we drove down, dropped brecken off with normans parents who happened to be in salt lake for a funeral the following morning and headed out to city creek to eat, walk around, and head to the show.

we first went to the cheesecake factory because we thought... well... it IS our anniversary so we should do something fancier, right??? wrong. they had a 60 minute wait and we ain't into that. so we went over to the city creek cafeteria and got some delicious mexican food at the red iguana. that's how we do it in year 6, people.

then i made norman walk around west elm looking at rugs and furniture.
we stopped at rocky mountain chocolate factory, got some hot chocolate since it was FREEZING and some chocolate covered strawberries and made our way down to the vivint smart home arena (how many times are they gonna change the name...i mean really...i can't keep up). we thought the show started at 8, but i think ended up closer to 8:30 or 9... the opener for the show was pretty funny! i always get nervous for comedians if i don't already know they're funny... it's just so awkward... but he was good. and then jim came out and was hilarious as usual! 

after that, we headed back to the hotel where norman's parents were and went to bed! had a nice continental breakfast the next morning and headed home.

we wanted to do something fancy this year... stay in a fancy hotel... order in fancy room service... slip into fancy white robes... but we decided to save some money instead. #adulting

we figured we have plenty of anniversaries to come that we can do more "fancy" things where i won't be nursing or pregnant. i swear, every year it's one or the other. haha.

then sunday the 11th was our actual anniversary. we went to church, came home, had some dinner, then we put kids to bed that night and we made hot chocolate, sat down and grabbed our memory book and wrote down memories. (we have a book that every year on our anniversary we write down some of our favorite memories from the year). it was the perfect little evening sitting in our new home, christmas lights around us, reading old memories and writing new ones.

we are still learning... always learning. and i am happy that i have a spouse who wants to improve our relationship as much as i do. to always work to be better and to make each other happy. marriage is tough and sometimes causes for some tough self reflection and change... but it's worth it. always worth it.

so happy 6 years to you and me, my handsome! 

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more wonderful years together. :)