Wednesday, November 30, 2016

brecken rose: 9 months

brecken is 9 months old as of last friday!!! you know what that means.... she's been out of me as long as she was in me! she is busy and happy and the best. so lets get to it...

she had her 9 month check up yesterday and all looks happy and healthy!

weight: 17.57 lbs        percentile: 38t
height: 26.25 inches    percentile: 6th
head circ: 17.7 inches  percentile: 81st

so i think they didn't stretch her out long enough....haha cause she's always been in the 30's percentage for height AND length... so the doc said they probably didn't stretch her far enough on that height. orrrrr she's just really short ;)

sleep: she hates me. haaaaaates me. she will NOT sleep anymore. it's progressively getting worse. lately she's been waking up like 3-4 times a night and i am TIRED, PEOPLE!!! this, too, shall pass....ammi right? as of last night, i started to just go in, comfort her, try to get her back to sleep.... i did feed her once... (out of the 3 ish times she woke up)... but we need to get her used to not being fed every 5 minutes at night. cause i ain't doing that.
she naps a solid twice a day...sometimes 3. so... at least there's that.

eating: so my last update of hers, i wrote that she wouldn't eat any of her baby food... well that very day she started eating baby food like it was no thang. *eyeroll* she's silly. so now she eats just fine. anything and everything i give her. table food, baby food, etc. she is still breastfed and won't take a bottle. we wanted to try a sippy cup like we did with grant... see how that goes. 

milestones: she learned how to clap! she loves patty cake and every time we sing it, she smiles real big and starts clapping. or if she WANTS us to sing it... she'll just look at you, smile, and start clapping til you sing it. it's the cutest.
she still scoots everywhere on her tummy and is starting to get up on her knees to try to crawl. she even gets up on her toes sometimes and kind of tries to bear crawl.
she still only says mama. i'm trying to get her to learn to wave... i feel like sometimes she tries... but who knows. I'm also trying to get her to sign the word "more" and "please" and every time i show her how to do it, she just laughs. thinks i'm hilarious or something.
she is starting to try to pull herself up to things, she can get to her knees, and occasionally her feet but not as often.
the thing that is different with brecken than with grant is she will stand and hold herself up holding onto a couch or coffee table, but instead of just walking along the couch holding on, she tries to let go and stand by herself. brave little girl.

things i want to remember: she thinks its soooo funny when grant is freaking out. every time she messes up his train track and he starts crying, she looks up at me and smiles. it's so funny.
she does love her brother.... thinks everything he does is funny.
she's such a mamas girl right now and i love it. more than often she wants her mama!
she gets offended at the funniest things. sometimes norman will do something or say something to her and she will get the saddest face and then burst into tears. (the drama is already starting.... haha) or sometimes when she has bitten me while eating (grrrrr) i will get after her and she does the same thing.. sad face..then the tears.... it's pretty cute, actually. 
we also live down the street from the fire station, and every time we hear the siren grant gets pumped!.... and brecken cries. haha. it scares her every time. (it's not even that loud...)
she likes to snuggle with me in bed sometimes and i love it, but occasionally she will roll over and hit normans back over and over until he turns over... she loves her dad.
she likes to play a binki game with her dad. he takes it away from her and puts it in his mouth... then she reaches for it with her mouth and gets it then takes it out with her hand and tries to give it back to him to do it again.

happy 9 months my baby girl! i'm so happy to have a healthy, growing and happy baby!!

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