Sunday, November 27, 2016

volleyball pics, thanksgiving, and forgotten carols

so i know volleyball season ended like a million years ago, but i wanted to share some of our pictures we had done for our team this year. they turned out so good!! the infamous molly landon did them and she's pretty much the best. 

i really didn't have anything else to say, other than i love me some volleyball and am forever and always grateful for the opportunity i have to coach. i learn and grow every year from the girls and my fellow coaches and it truly is a blessing in my life.

speaking of being grateful....while we are here, lets talk about thanksgiving!
we are trying to recover over here from the lack of sleep from partying all night errrr night! 

it was a great four day weekend for us! we spent our weekend in pocatello with our families. we played games, had thanksgiving dinner with normans side of the family, went to the new movie moana and i thought it was cute! it had great music. it was grant's first movie in a theater and he did really well! he sat through the whole thing. then we took family pictures which were a need to go there right now...still too fresh. ;)
and then last night we had the opportunity to kick off the holiday season by going to the forgotten carols with normans family. i looooove the forgotten carols. i listened to them all growing up and i truly love the messages each song has. bringing it back to our Savior. norman and i walked home after the show, hand in hand, talking about which songs were our favorite, what loved ones we think about during the show that have passed on, and the miracle it truly is that our Savior WAS in fact here on this earth, and how special it is to be able to celebrate Him. 

now that our little family is starting to grow, norman and i are trying to come up with some traditions of our own to help keep the Savior the focus of christmas for us AND our children. it's fun to create new traditions with our little family. i'm always up for some suggestions, too! what are your family's favorite holiday traditions??? 

i hope you all had a great thanksgiving weekend and lets get this christmas party started am i right?????

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