Wednesday, November 2, 2016

happy halloween!!

look at me!! blogging like 2 days after the event actually happened! i'm proud of that! i used to be good at this whole keeping up with the blog thing...and then i got busy...and a little sick of blogging because it constantly feels like keeping up with the kardashians...or jones's ..or something. but anyway...i  like documenting our family moments. and this one was a good one!!! it was such a good evening.

it was brecken's first halloween and grant's first halloween where he actually trick-or-treated and knew what was going on! last year he was sick on halloween and couldn't go. so this was a big year!! i was really close to not pulling any costumes off this year. in fact, my shipment of yellow shirts and some overalls (because believe it or where in town has a plain yellow shirt) came halloween day! i had to go pick them up at UPS that morning. when norman saw them in their costumes all dressed up he said "hey! for almost not pulling this off the kids look really good!!" haha. i was feeling good about it. my little minion and agnes from despicable me. cutest ever. 

we had our annual chili and cornbread at my parents before heading out! the kids were all chomping at the bit.... and my little brecken got to tag along trick-or-treating in the stroller and was an angel the whole time. 

grant was trying to keep up with his older cousins and was having a hard time. they sprint from house to house and his run is only fast enough to keep up with their walk. haha. it was cute watching him try but we ended up going every other house so that we didn't hold up the other cousins. 

the first few houses he didn't quite understand what we were doing. he said trick-or-treat (cutest ever) and then would try to walk in each house. hahaha. he did that for about 4 or 5 houses until he realized that we weren't going inside any of the houses. i was actually pretty proud because we got to a house in my parents neighborhood that is notorious for their halloween decorations! their whole yard is full and the pathway up to their door as well. i was interested to see if grant would be scared or not, and he wasn't! he just walked right up like it was no big deal! 

here's a little clip i took of him trick-or-treating at one of the houses. i had to get him saying it on film because it's so cute. also...every time he knocks on a door he says "come in!" i had to get that, too.

after trick-or-treating around my parents neighborhood we went to my in-laws and visited and relaxed a bit...he was super tired by then. running around with those cousins getting candy is hard work!! 

but it was such a fun day. being a parent is the best... everything your kids do or learn makes you so happy. the pride, the irrational unbridled joy. so the little thing like watching my boy learn how to trick-or-treat...gave me so much joy.

such a good day.

happy halloween!! it was a good one.

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