Tuesday, November 1, 2016

brecken rose: 8 months

on October 25th brecken turned 8 months old! and is very mobile and very loud. 

sleeping: she is regressing in the sleeping department. just lately though. the last week or so. she goes to bed when grant does.... which is kind of early i think... but she's tired so i don't know what to do! then she now wakes up about twice a night... then sleeps til around 8 or 9? i don't even know anymore. she's kind of all over the place and we need to get her back to a better schedule or something. last night was awwwwwful. she was just wide awake/acting tired until about 1 am??? ish??? but the good news is she then slept till like 10 am! so that was kind of the best.

eating: she still likes to nurse, hates baby food, and loves real people food. i CANNOT get her to eat baby food. so we are going to try some other avenues. find some people food she can easily eat sans teeth and go that route. 

milestones: she is crawling now!!! well...she slides on her tummy. she's super fast at it too.... the hard wood floors help. :) she never sits still and is always on the move these days.   she is trying to talk! she mostly still growls but last night during her struggle to fall asleep she DID whine "mama" at me! and even though i was slightly frustrated with her at the time, it made me super happy. you also can hold yourself up while holding onto things. tough girl!

things i want to remember
you loooove grant but he does not love you playing with his trains. you mess up his tracks and he freaks out every time. it's kind of humorous, and entertaining. the other day i told him to just scoot you over and give you a train so that you wouldn't mess up his train anymore...so he did it a few times, and then you kept coming back, smiling every time he got mad at you...so eventually he grabbed you softly by both arms and drug you out into the hallway, furthest you could think from his train and told you to stay there. it was so cute. he loves playing with you and you love being with him.
you have started to be a bit needy!!! i think you are just social. you love to be in the room with everyone so you whine and crawl to wherever we are. you like to be included. 
you still only have 2 teeth. i don't see any more breaking through but you sure have been acting like it lately.
you smack your lips and i think you started doing it as a way to try to say mama, but then you found a fun new sound and do that instead! 

i love you baby girl!!! you light up our lives!

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