Thursday, August 4, 2016

brecken rose: 5 months

5 months old! 2 weeks ago. so basically almost 6 months... right? oh well. lets get to it shall we?

eating: she is still breast fed! haven't introduced solids yet but the last few weeks she has started to become more interested in food. she watches us eat and follows the food from our plate to our mouths. so..i'm thinking we are about ready! we are attempting to get her to take a bottle. ugh. i don't know why i didn't learn this with grant.... but we didn't really give her a bottle until just barely and she wasn't really having it. she's gotten a little better! we want to go out of town in a few weeks to a friends wedding and we are trying to get her to take one so we don't have to take her!!!! wish us luck...

sleeping: the little stinker has kind of turned into a little stinker! for the first about 4 months of life she slept through the night no problem! now.... she wakes up 1-2 times. which isn't terrible...but kind of is. she likes to snuggle mama in bed. she still sleeps in her rock n play because grant is still in the crib and we aren't planning to move him until we move again...oh ya...did i mention we are moving again...??? that's another story....

milestones: she officially rolls over BOTH ways. she has been rolling from belly to back for a while now but never back to belly. but just recently she has started to do both regularly. tough girl. (i don't even know if grant ever did roll back to belly until he could crawl...haha) speaking of crawling! she's been starting to pull her knees underneath her and pushing so...she's trying! i also don't know if i've mentioned this before but she knows her name! she's known it for a while and will look at you when you say it. she's starting to try and sit up on her own. she isn't super good at it yet but can kind of do the fold in half thing while sitting up on her own. 

things to remember:
she LOVES grant. smiles at him and watches him alllll the time and i love it. 
when she wakes up from a nap, i'll walk in her room and say "breeeeckkeeeen!" and she kicks and squeals in excitement when i come around to get her. 
if i'm holding her and start talking to her and she gets excited, she like curls up her body and rubs her face in my nook and squeals, it's the cutest ever. 
she smiles at everyone still. i love that about her.
she tries to pull her bows off her head, now...soo.....we are already starting that.
if we growl at her...she growls back.
she's losing her hair!!!! UGH!!!! she has been for a while now... so she basically has the dark strip on top, and the mullet thing in the back. i keep looking at pics when she was new and her perfect full head of hair and it makes me so sad!!!! but it'll come fact, it's coming back blonde. 

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