Monday, September 5, 2016

brecken rose: 6 months / a general state of our being lately

alright friends! here we are! half a year later with our little miss b. and she becomes more and more of a delight each day. we are obsessed. so lets get started ya?

here are the stats....i won't lie..i forgot the exact numbers on some of it and i can't find the paper but... here's the gist.

weight: 15 lbs 3 oz ( i do remember that one)  percentile: 32%
height: i think it was 25 inches??  percentile: 16%
head circumference...don't remember but the percentile was 96% (eyeroll emoji)

eating: she has started solids..somewhat. we tried normal cereal and she didn't love it..of course. don't know if any babies do. so we tried one with peach and apple flavoring and she seemed to like it a little better. i think we go straight to some vegetables though soon. other than that...still going strong in the breastfeeding department. woot woot.

sleeping: nothing much to report here. sleeps about the same. gets tired for bed at night around 9 or 10...sleeps til about 3, eats, then sleeps til like 8 or 9 even sometimes. she likes to snuggle with mom at night and i love it.

milestones: she is sitting up on her own for the most part. has really good balance. getting more comfortable rolling around all the day long. she is real good at spinning around in circles. and the little stinker cut her first teeth!!! both bottom ones pushed through we just noticed the other day. she babbles and growls a lot still and has started to try new sounds lately and we love it. still as smiley as ever! best ever.

some things to remember: 
she sticks her tongue out and blows raspberries to try to talk
when she gets excited she curls herself up in a ball. makes us laugh every time.
she looooves grant. watches him constantly and smiles and laughs at everything he does.
she's learning how to put her binki back in herself. she's getting good at it. 
she likes to sleep with her arm up over her face (like her mama) :)

now.... a quick rundown on what we have been up to lately...lots of exciting stuff.
first of all...the job in burley didn't end up panning out. they didn't end up buying the office there so they were going to move us back to idaho falls. well in that process...norman got hired by the site! a job he's wanted so bad! we were thrilled. so we temporarily moved into my in-laws house while we looked for a house in IF and waited for normans security clearance to come through and such. well the good news is we FOUND A HOUSE!!!!! we are sooooo pumped. it is old and remodeled and charming and beautiful and perfect. our closing date is october 19th though soooo basically forever away. we can't wait to get in our first house and make it homey and ours and get some roots settled down now that we are done moving every 5 minutes (this will be our 7th move in the 5 1/2 years we have been married). so that is what we have been up to!!! i also started the volleyball season again coaching at hillcrest high school and the commute to idaho falls every day BITES but it's all good. so basically we have been busy and that's why brecken's 6 month update is coming about 2 weeks late. :)

also.... just for information sake.... I AM GOING TO CARRIE UNDERWOOD'S CONCERT TOMORROW IN BOISE! can't wait! 

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