Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PRIEST LAKE: 4th of july

this is our second year we have been up at priest lake for the 4th of july. i was kinda bummed cause the ONLY cold day while we were up there was the 4th of july..... so we didn't go swimming or boating or anything. but we did have a good time! we went four wheeling in the morning up in the mountains so we could overlook the beautiful lake!

^^^this was our attempt at a selfie with a DSLR camera^^^

then we came back and hung out at camp with family and talked. that evening we had dinner with everyone and then treats at the beach while we looked for fireworks around the lake.

^^norman thinking he's a cool kid playing hacky sack with the teens^^

grant thought it was a good idea for the two seconds i took to take a picture of norman and i, to walk into the cold water with this sweats on. (face palm)

my cousin britney bought a bunch of glow sticks for the kiddos. pictures are pretty blurry get the picture...

(^^this was the picture we were taking while grant went to play in the can see him in right hand corner by normans ear....walking to the water....i look away for TWO seconds people....^^)

it's always nice to be in God's country over the 4th of july. we are blessed with a beautiful country and i am grateful for the freedoms we enjoy every day. happy belated 4th of july!

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