Sunday, July 10, 2016

PRIEST LAKE: Spike Ball Tournament

a week ago today we were in beautiful PRIEST LAKE, IDAHO! my family's favorite vacation spot. i decided to break up priest lake into a few posts cause there was just tooooo much.

so first up...our spike ball tournament. this last thanksgiving norman and i decided to start a turkey bowl... we bought this ridiculous turkey hat and the winner of our ping pong double elimination tournament got the hat and had to plan the next event. since our families don't see each other EVERY thanksgiving....we decided to do the next turkey bowl at priest lake when everyone would be there. Nick (my cousin in law) won the ping pong tournament so he planned a double elimination spike ball tournament. 

now, before we thing i do love about our family is that even while camping...we try to keep the sabbath day as holy as we can. we don't go swimming or boating, and we have our own little church meeting in the trees and i love it. you can feel the spirit so strong when you are out in the middle of God's creations. i have experienced that many times in my life and this year during our meeting i felt it again. it was so special to be with so much family, learning about the gospel and being inspired to be better. we also managed to get a picture of allllll the great grandkids with my great grandpa after our little church meeting. then we had a little primary activity (my mom has those pictures so i don't have them here...) where the kids took a journey around the camp to learn about different scripture prophets and what they taught us. 

after all THAT...the tournament started. i know i know. that doesn't sound VERY sunday appropriate but it was nice being with everyone and playing a game all together. we are quite the competitive bunch so it wouldn't be a proper game night if we didn't have a little arguing ;) but it was a super fun tournament with some awesome games and norman and i even ended up placing 2nd!!!! we were so close!!!! but alas, my cousin jordan and her husband jason ended up winning the tournament. (although when jordan found out she got the turkey hat and had to plan the next turkey bowl she wasn't super pumped about it heeehee). so below are some pictures from the tournament...

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