Sunday, June 26, 2016

brecken rose: 4 months

we are officially 4 months as of yesterday! i shouldn't even type this because it's probably in every post anyone ever writes about their children, but time is flying by with this little one! i mean,'s the end of JUNE!!! is that crazy or what? anyway.... 

she's still pretty much the best ever. she's been going through a couple fussy phases but i blame the shots for that. as you can see in pictures...she's still got the bandaids on cause i never have the heart to rip them off......

here are her 4 month stats:

 weight: 12lb 7oz          percentile: 16th
  height: 23 inches          percentile: 15th
head circ: 16.5 inches   percentile: 87th

so she has a big surprise there. i am a little surprised she's so little though! she doesn't seem that little to me! however she IS still in 0-3 month clothes...

eating: she got the ok to eat solids from her doc! but i'm not planning to start until 6 months. she's not even close to being interested in food and i know when i waited for grant to be ready and interested in food it was a lot easier. rather then forcing them to eat. so we will continue to exclusively breast feed for 2 more months!

sleeping: still sleeps through the night for the most part. occasionally she will have a night where she wakes up at 3 or 4 ish, but other then that....sleeps like a champ. and i love her for it.

milestones: i don't know if she has done anything specific in the last month that is "milestone-y"... she can still roll over from tummy to back, and she can roll from back to sides but not all the way to her tummy. she grabs at stuff and is even getting some coordination down by trying to put her binki back in her mouth when she loses it.

things to remember:
she has the cutest squeal when she gets tickled. we were at the doctors and they were checking her tummy she was just laughing and smiling so big. she smiles at everyone and everyone loves her. she opens her mouth up so wide when she gets excited and happy. we already love who she is. you can feel it from her. you can feel how good and kind and happy she is. we are so excited to see her personality continue to blossom. norman and i were talking about how we felt when each baby was born and i've said this before but with brecken i just feel so connected to her. from the start i have. with grant it took me a little bit to feel connected and bonded, and i think part of that was being a first time mom and nerves, etc...but the second i held brecken i felt it. the bond with her. it's so great. it's been almost a year since we found out we were pregnant with her (a shock to us....) and i know at one time i wanted all boys...but i'm so glad i got this little girl.

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