Wednesday, May 25, 2016

brecken rose: 2-3 months

so she's 3 months old. 3. today. i missed her 2 month update. things got kind of crazy around her 2 month birthday...we were packing and trying to find a place to live...etc. etc...i didn't take the time to take pictures of her. i wish i would have! the video below was actually taken on april 25th, which was her 2 month birthday so...there ya go...

i did manage to at least make it to her 2 month doctors appointment. all was well! her stats are as follows:

weight: 10 lbs 11 oz      percentile: 36%
height: 22 inches          percentile: 31%
head: 15 1/2 inches      percentile: 85%

so yes, again...we have a big headed baby. to me it doesn't seem like she has a big head...but apparently...according to the rest of her body, she does. 

so here we go... here is what brecken has been doing for month 2 and 3.

eating: she is a great eater. no complaints there. she clicks when she eats though.... breaks her suction and it kind of drives me crazy. i told the pediatrician about it and he said to try to just feed her more often. maybe every 2 hours instead of every 3. mostly so i can keep my milk in. he didn't say i needed to be strict about it, just, if she was awake and it had been a couple feed her. so i have been doing that and things have been going well! she seems to be filling out well and getting chubbier by the day! which makes me happy and sad at the same time. i already find myself talking me out of going for baby #3! i just love when they are little so much! however, brecken has been a fluke that way.... she is an angel baby. so easy and so great it makes me want a million babies...

sleeping: she has been sleeping through the night since day 1. now...they say there is a 3 month sleep regression and i remember grant went through it. but, i'm hoping she continues to sleep 12 hours like she has been the last 3 months. it's pretty great. i literally feed her around 9 or so and she will sleep until 8 ish. I'm living the dream here folks. she still sleeps in her rock-n-play by our bed. mostly because grant is still in his crib. I KNOW! crazy. but i'm dreading that transition so i'm stretching it out as loooooooong as possible. and brecken loves the rock-n-play. she has already started to put herself into a normal nap time routine in the day and she has a harder time falling asleep if she's being held or even laying on the couch...but the second i put her in that rock-n-play she is OUT. 

milestones: she rolled over!! i posted the video to my instagram the day she did it. it was April 23rd. 2 days before she turned 2 months. over achiever this little one. grant didn't roll over til 5 months and even THEN i had to tuck his arm to help him out. now she will roll over every time i put her on her tummy. which is a problem because we are trying to avoid the whole wearing a helmet situation, so we are trying to keep her off her back if she isn't sleeping....but she rolls to her back every time she is on her stomach. silly girl. she also is talking a lot and its the cutest. the video below shows her jabbering at me, this was also taken around 2 months of age. (sorry the lighting is terrible...she was doing it in the night after i nursed her and we didn't have any other light but a cell phone). 
she is in size 2 diapers...she was blowing out of ALLLLLLLL of her diapers when she was in 1's and i was refusing to believe she was big enough for size 2's so we kept going with the size 1's. was getting out of hand and literally EVERY time she pooped she was blowing we made the switch to size 2's and we have been good since! (a lot of onesies thrown away later....). 
she takes a pacifier. thank goodness. (grant never was the boob or nothing for him). she has taken a bottle before and doesn't seem to have a problem but is exclusively breast fed. 
she is officially in 0-3 month clothes and they fit her well. she will probably be in them for a bit.
she has great neck strength (from all the tummy time over here) and she holds her head up very well! always trying to lean forward and sit up when being held, which becomes a little obnoxious actually.

things i want to remember
she is the SMILIEST baby. she will smile at anyone who locks eyes with her and i love it. so social. grant was very selective to who he smiled at so this is new for us! it's so fun to see how different they are already.
speaking of grant...she LOVES him. she is always tracking him with her eyes and smiling as he runs around. he also comes up to her with his routine of "hiyah brecken! how are you? good?? yeah good!" and she smiles a huge open mouth grin. he gives her lots of kisses and is a great big brother.
i have to admit...she probably gives me the best smiles. and they are huge! wide open mouth smiles and i finally got her to laugh! (i posted that to my instagram as well). i won't lie...soon after she was born i told norman that i already felt a really special bond with her and i could already tell we would be close. now...that may or may not be true in the future but i sure hope so. i can sure feel it now. we love her so much and she is such a bright light in our home. having babies is kind of the best. 
everyone thinks she's a boy. if i go out in public and don't have a bow in her hair, WITHOUT fail, someone thinks she's a boy. haha. poor girl. so...bows and headbands it is for miss brecken til she starts looking a little more....girly. haha. 
she rarely cries. mostly when she's tired and wants to go to sleep. and in the mornings when she wakes me up to eat she just jabbers at me til i wake up (or lets be honest...until norman tells me to wake up cause she's awake haha)

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