Saturday, April 30, 2016

a blessing for brecken rose

(we still haven't mastered the whole posing for a picture with two kids yet....)

April 10, 2016
Brecken's Blessing day

it was kind of crazy weekend! norman graduated on the 8th, we had a party to celebrate his graduation and brecken's blessing on the 9th, and then blessed brecken on the 10th! got it ALL done in one weekend. phew!

this was the only picture we managed to get...on a cell phone because i left the camera at my in-laws and then we were struggling to get it over to my parents...even though we only live about a neighborhood away from each other....hah. long story...anyway, by the time this picture was taken...we were ALL HANGRY and ready to get out of sunday clothes and eat some lasagna. yay for real life.

it was a great day, though. norman has given BOTH of our babies the most beautiful and thoughtful blessings and i love him for it. he really takes time to prepare for them and feel the spirit as he gives them. and it makes a difference. i was all sorts of proud of him that weekend, first graduation, then brecken's blessing...i was just feeling allllll the feelings for this special man in our lives. 

and of course miss brecken. it was so special to celebrate her birth with family and give her a name and a blessing. her beautiful dress was made by my oh so talented mother in law and it turned out so cute. she looked beautiful. although she started out as an accident {shhhh don't tell her ;)} we sure are glad she's here, now. she's such a light in our family and has such a happy and strong spirit.

we love you miss B! happy blessing day to you!!

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