Thursday, April 28, 2016

he did it!

^^adam keller, one of normans school buddies^^

^^all the graduating civil engineers (they are missing 3 that didn't walk) and the professors!^^

so i've been meaning to write this post for foooooorrrreeevvver (insert sandlot quote) ...well more accurate, i've been meaning to write this post for a couple weeks now and it just has NOT happened. but i want to document it because it was such a BIG DEAL!

WE GRADUATED!!!!!!! best. day. ever.

i've said in the past that i always hated april/may time because i always saw everyone graduating from college and we were college....trudging along....going to school. for forever. but now WE were the ones graduating!!! so this april was fabulous!
(i keep saying "we" like it's me receiving a diploma,'s's just norm)

so now, the bragging.....
it has to be done, people.

norman graduated in civil engineering with basically an emphasis in mechanical. and mind you...he went to school YEAR ROUND. no breaks besides a quick one in august before starting back up again in september. and i don't mean for the following to be taken out of context because i mean it as the biggest compliment i could'll see what i mean...

engineering was hard for norman. it didn't come easy for him. a lot of engineers are brains. really really smart and along with that, maybe a little socially akward... that kind of smart. norman isn't like that. engineering was a LOT of work for him. and classes were TOUGH. beyond tough. i say this because norman could've bailed. but he didn't. he could've and sometimes (maybe more than sometimes) wanted to quit and decide to do something else. but he didn't. he could've picked an easier major from the beginning. but he didn't. he finished. it's not easy going to school day after day and feeling inadequate alongside some people who it simply comes easier for. but he did it. he finished. he finished something that was not easy or pleasant to finish. and for that, i admire him a lot.

now, don't get me wrong...he loves engineering and he IS smart. but it just didn't come easy for him. he had to work at it. and i feel it means more to him, to us, because of that. and he we were blessed for him pushing through. and if you haven't heard already, he received a job!! in fact, he received it a few weeks before graduation. 

he is now working for a company that we think very highly of in idaho falls called Northwest Engineering Services the people there are great and we are beyond excited to be a part of their team. (again with the "we" i'm doing anything over here....haha). they are in the process of purchasing an engineering firm in rupert, idaho and norman is going to be a part of that transition. sooooooo...we are moving to BURLEY! cause there's no where to live in rupert....lets be honest. in fact there's barely anywhere to live in burley! but we DID find the cutest old fashioned house to rent from some fabulous people. i would be lying if i said i didn't cry when we found out we were moving to burley.....but since making the decision we have truly felt so blessed and guided during this transition in our lives and are excited for something new. i even found myself a coaching job at minico high school!!! wooohoooo!!!

but... moral of the story is, i'm thankful to be married to a man who thinks about more than himself. who finished this degree not just because he wanted to, but because he knew it would be best for his family. we love and appreciate him as the leader of our home and look up to him in many ways. so, finally, congratulations, norman! grant, brecken, and i love you soooooo much. thank you for your hard work and dedication to our family for the last (we won't count how many) years while getting through school. you are our rock and our leader and our favorite person to see come through that door at the end of a hard day. 

happy graduation!!!

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