Sunday, April 3, 2016

two. cool.

i meant to write this more around grants know how it goes. last year on grants birthday, he had a shirt saying "i am this many" with a finger holding the number one up. so this year i decided we should make it a tradition. so i got him a "two. cool." shirt now that he is two, to wear on his birthday. well.....procrastinator morgan forgot to order it in time....and i BARELY missed his birthday (his birthday was on that sunday, it came on monday....*eye roll emoji*). but i wanted to take pictures of him in it for documentation purposes. so here they are. 

do you ever look at your toddler and get a little glimpse of what they are going to look like as a teenager?????? that happened for me when taking these pictures. there were a couple that i looked back at the photo and thought.....oh my heck...i can see it!!! and it made me want to scream at him to stay LITTLE!!!! norman and i were looking back through some old photos to look for a specific picture and came across grant when he was still little and chubby and i thought...when did he lose all that chub?? when did he start looking like a little boy and not a baby? it's crazy to me that they just grow up before your eyes, day after day and change every day and you don't see it because you're with them all the time. thank goodness for pictures to remind us that they were babies once, with gummy smiles and chubby thighs, and helmets in our case (flat head grant...poor kid). 

but as grant gets bigger, he is getting funnier and funnier. i love how goofy he is. i want to remember so many things about him at this stage. how when you tell him no he furrow his eyebrows, and does the duck lips as he heavily exhales. how when he's upset about something and i pick him up he will play with my hair...but ONLY when he's sad/hurt/worried. how when i go to give him another bite of something, he points to his cheek and says "CHEW!" to signify that he isn't done with what he has in his mouth. how he folds his bottom eyelid under his eye because i think it's gross, and he thinks its funny. how he will say mom over and over again until i actually make eye contact with him and THEN say what. how he loves to give brecken her binki and he blanket. and how he will randomly go up to her throughout the day to give her a kiss. how he loves to help burp her. and then picks up the nearest stuffed animal to put up on his shoulder and burp. how he is obsessed with the movies cars, prince of egypt (or has he calls it "momo", as in moses), and fantastic mr. fox (he's well rounded), and will quote certain parts of each movie. how he always says hi to random strangers we pass. how he can spot ANYTHING flying in the air...even if we can't see it yet...helicopter, airplane, crop duster.... he's kind of the most fun kid to hang around with all day. so i'm glad that i'm the one he calls mom. he's kind of the best ever.

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