Friday, March 25, 2016

brecken rose: 1 month

our first monthly post of brecken!!! remember these?? how fun is that?? i feel like i haven't done one of these in's been a year since i did one for grant. but still.

brecken is 1 month old today! i can't believe it. actually i kind of can because it feels like she's been here all along. a month doesn't give it justice. and let me tell you, i know i have before...but she is a GEM. such a good baby. i hope it sticks. you know, we weren't planning to have a baby a month before graduating and other large life i'm thinking it's a blessing that she is such an angel baby. easy peasy.

i love her sooooo much. obviously. but really...sooooo much. i keep telling norman that i already feel something special with her and i. like she's already my little sidekick bff. i already know she's gonna be a mama's girl. i can feel it. 

i don't have any 1 month specs on her but i can tell by how her clothes fit that she's growing!!! which makes me so sad because i love the little tucked-frog-legs and hands-by-the-face newborn goodness. and the smell.....the SMELL!!!! you guys....i'm in love over here. in newborn heaven. like...i want a million babies.

anyway... some things to remember:

she is still in newborn clothes...and newborn diapers...barely. we are thinking of making the jump to 1's. 
she doesn't do a lot other than sleep and eat and poop...but she groans soooooo much and sooooo loud. it's actually rather obnoxious at night. when she's trying to go to sleep and she's not comfortable, or her binki falls out she groans looooouuuuud until the problem is fixed.
she already has really good neck strength. when you burp her, or during tummy time (which she doesn't hate) she holds her head and such up for really long periods of time. tough girl.
she also does the cutest thing when she's about to spit up.....i don't really know how to explain it, but, she moans/whines in a really high pitched voice. and she just does it over and over until the spit up comes. we laugh every time. and it's actually kind of nice because then we have some warning before it comes and we can get ready....
she rarely cries but when she does i kind of love it cause it's really cute. (grants was soon not...he like scream/cried...she has the cutest little cry).
she has a smoker cough. she frequently swallows her milk down the wrong tube and will cough and it's so raspy and cute. we love it.

so that is our one month of brecken rose! i love that i get so so many more!! happy one month, miss b!

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