Thursday, March 24, 2016

grant turns 2

grant turned 2!! march 20th was the big day. it fell on a sunday this year, though, so we went down to my in-law's on friday to pocatello to have a little party for him with family.

so the whole having a baby a little less than a month before grant's birthday kinda put it on the back burner of my brain. the sunday before his birthday was when i finally decided i should probably get something going. i started pinterest-ing cars birthday parties (cause he's reaaaaaaaaaaalllllly into cars right now) and i think i got a little ambitious. as those of you who know me know.....i am not very "crafty" or "momsy" or "pinterest-y" or whatever you want to call it. but i found this idea on pinterest and ran with it....

which was a mistake.

it turned out cute and such but it was too much effort for a 2 year old party...i mean...c'mon. that may sound rude?? but grant didn't know what was going on. he didn't even know we were celebrating him! i kept saying while getting stuff ready, "you know this would be a lot cooler if grant was actually gonna remember this..." 

i mean...some people go to a LOT of effort to throw their children birthday parties. i mean, i scaled back this pinterest idea a LOT and it was still too much for me. haha. i figure i'll wait til he's older to throw some cool will just be something grant wants to food labels and whatnot. so silly to me. we will do something he is actually gonna remember.

overall it was a good time. mostly. had a few hectic moments and such (like when grant choked on a chip and norm had to flip him over, hit him on the back to get it out...and then grant threw was fun). but overall it was a successful evening. he got spoiled by family as per usual. norm and i got him a strider bike and he isn't quite sure about how it works, yet. we're figuring it out. he mostly just likes his lightening mcqueen helmet that he got from my parents and wears around the apartment all day every day. 

he was super cute during cake time. (my loser self was so worried about getting everything else together i forgot candles *eyeroll* we used two number 1 candles). he was really interested in the frosting and when we started singing our happy birthday song with clapping and yelling included he got super excited. it was really cute.

he was a champ at the candle blow this year. in fact, on his actual birthday on sunday...we blew out candles for every meal because he was so excited about when we blew them out on his waffles that morning. and he wanted to sing the happy birthday song all day. he kept saying "MOM!!!! happy birtday????" while clapping. so we would sing it again. it was pretty great.

it was a good birthday! and this year i found myself not sad at all about my little guy turning two. i was so sad when he turned one...i didn't want him to not be my baby anymore. but this year it just felt like grant should be two by now...haha. and i found myself all day sunday just wanting to hug him and kiss him and love on him all day because i was just grateful that he was mine. grateful that he was born two years ago and that he is a part of our family. cause he's kind of the coolest. we love you so much, grant!!

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